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At Effenti, we are experts at providing services to insurance companies. Our partnership with EIS brings more value to our client’s projects.

Effenti is a consulting firm like no other; it is the only F-Form IT company in Quebec! Unique and talented, we are constantly looking for the next challenge. At Effenti, innovation is at our core – from business management to digital solutions for our customers. Recognized in the insurance field, Effenti has made its mark working on the largest IT projects in Quebec. Relying on a strong and diverse team, Effenti offers java consulting, customized cloud solution development and technology integration services.

Working with EIS

Effenti has experience working with the EIS suite since 2012. We had the pleasure of discovering the solution while implementing it for one of our customers.

Working with the EIS® solution, we were able to experience first-hand all the power and possibilities offered by it.

Our partnership with EIS allows us:

  • To have our teams properly trained and up-to-date on the product;
  • To assist our development teams more quickly;
  • To save time because we have access to EIS architects and developers;
  • To be on the lookout for new developments; and
  • To better serve our customers by being more productive.
  • The entire Effenti team is pleased with this partnership. We work with the EIS team hand-in-hand for the success of our common customers.

“EIS and Effenti are forward-thinking insurance experts. They are the partners of choice for supporting insurance companies in the process of digital transformation and improving the user experience. This partnership cements their respective mandates to offer their clients the platform and expertise to innovate.” Gloire Lomami, Architect Lead Developer