Moving carriers closer to their customers.

Rising customer expectations and rapid technological developments have put traditional insurers at risk of losing relevance with policyholders. EIS is the way forward. Our core platform for digital insurance enables carriers to realign their business model around the customer and deliver next-gen experiences now.

How We’re Different

Digital to the core.

We built the first core platform for digital insurance, enabling even the largest insurance companies to innovate at start-up speed while reducing costs.

Customer obsessed.

Our goal is to make every insurance experience as easy and rewarding as possible—for you and for your customers. We believe together we can make insurance smarter, simpler, and yes, even cool.

We deliver.

We plan for the unexpected in everything we do. That’s why we’ve been able to compile a 100 percent implementation success rate.

Committed to your success.

When you choose EIS, you don’t just get the world’s most complete digital insurance platform. You get a trusted partner
that’s with you every step of the way—from project planning and implementation to go-live and beyond.

Build the future of insurance.

We’ve all seen how digital technologies have transformed entire industries. That transformation has been slow to unfold in the world of insurance. It’s time to change that. Join EIS and help us create the types of insurance experiences you want for yourself, your friends, and your family.

What’s new at EIS?