Together with our customers, we’re reimagining insurance.

EIS Customers Realize True Business Value

EIS has customers around the globe that range in size and complexity—from large multi-line, multi-nationals to regional single line carriers. Leveraging EIS® core software, both P&C (general) and Benefits insurers, are adapting more quickly to changing market conditions, innovating with their products, channels, and customer engagement methods, and are growing their insurance businesses.


increase in underwriting staff throughput


less time to create new products


less time to refactor product rating


reduction in claims settlement time


increase in direct written premium

“Through the utilization of modern technology and EIS Suite, we have greater insight to what our customer requirements are, what their needs and demand and expectations are. It enables us to actually ensure that our proposition for our customers is meeting their needs today and tomorrow.”

Craig Olsen, CEO, IAG New Zealand

“We chose EIS for a number of reasons…the comprehensiveness of the software…flexibility of the technology…and that EIS was willing to be a true partner.”

Bob Valliere, Vice President, Service, CSAA Insurance Group

“EIS is listening to our business needs, our business context and they're really trying to help us to achieve our goal by using the system as much as we can in our context. That, I think, is really unique to EIS and it's a big part of the success we have with this partnership.”

Pascal Lavoie, Chief Technology Officer, Industrial Alliance Auto & Home

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