A modern technology platform for healthcare insurance is finally here

Exceed customer expectations and be more consistent, powerful, and tech-forward in healthcare insurance.

Embrace digital health insurance transformation

Healthcare consumer expectations and demands have reached an all-time high. Members want their health information to be easily accessible, personalized and located on one platform.

While consumer expectations are changing, healthcare technology has remained the same. It’s old, difficult to use and update, and does very little to meet the expectations of today’s healthcare consumer.

To do so, health insurers must embrace digital transformation. That’s where EIS can help.

What sets EIS apart

Provider management 

Product plan and eligibility

Workflow management

R/T claims adjudication rules engine

Scalable cloud-native SaaS architecture

Consolidated ASO billing 

Business configurable

Insurance agnostic

Vast set of APIs

Digital experience platform

Simplified insurance data analytics

Integrated CRM & 360-degree customer view

The path to digital transformation

To embark on a true digital transformation and meet today’s consumer expectations, health insurers need to up their technology game. Here are three concepts to help you do it.

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