Healthcare is changing. We all know it. And the wrong technology could break you.

EIS’ cloud-native insurance software puts you ahead of change for transformation in the healthcare industry.

Become the health insurer you want to be… not the health insurer that gets left behind.

The right tech tools make all the difference in modernization. Here’s how EIS puts you ahead of the competition, and keeps you there:

CustomerCore®: Let’s face it, health insurers are not meeting customer expectations. Meet customers exactly where they are with a 360° view of all patient, account, and relationship information. Execute on up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, and build serious customer loyalty in the process.

PolicyCore®: Provide the best health insurance policies in the market. EIS PolicyCore lets you modernize, manage and configure workflows for more efficient ways to handle enrollment, membership, and benefits.

ClaimCore®: Claims experiences can make or break customer relationships. Create one of the most positive claims experiences in health insurance through rules-based practices that remove administrative burdens and make changes quickly in a low-code environment.

BillingCore®: Improve customer satisfaction – and your bottom line – with this one EIS Suite module. Consolidate, automate, and speed up all your billing activities to cut back on manual labor, human error, and excess cost.

EIS DXP®: Let plan members interact with you anywhere: laptop, mobile, app, internet browser, you name it. EIS DXP is a digital experience platform that lets customers access their info, interact with you, and update their data system-wide.

EIS CloudCore: On-premises hosting draining your IT department? EIS’ SaaS delivery frees up your teams to focus on business innovation instead of tech fixes, making you one of the best, tech-savvy health insurers out there.

We get it… change can be scary. And expensive.

EIS has been helping insurers across the globe for years with digital enablement.

So… what makes EIS Suite the best option?

All lines of business: Convergence is the name of the game these days. Health insurance and dental insurance are converging like crazy… but who knows what will be next. Vision? Life? Hospital indemnity? We can’t tell the future, but we can tell you this: supporting multiple lines of business on one core system will be crucial to your sustainability as convergence takes over.

Go live faster: The early bird gets the worm. Or, in this case, the health insurer with the most agile technology gets most of the customers. When you can take new policies, products, and personalized experiences live faster, customers will notice… especially in the technologically-dependent world of health insurance.

Holistic member view: Know what’s going on with your customers at any given moment… and have confidence that your data is 100% reliable. Our CustomerCore™ integrates with third-party data sources to give you a full view of your customer, and pairs with our rules-based automations to create sophisticated, personalized experiences customers adore.

Channelless experience: No matter where your customers interact with you, their experience is seamless and frictionless. No need to re-enter data just because they’re using a different portal, or the app instead of the website. This is something customers have been wanting, and our API architecture facilitates it.

Optimized processes: Unnecessary manual labor is a pain for everyone. (Not to mention how it can cause more errors in data processing.) When you can get rid of redundancies and make every single process and team more agile and accurate, it’s a game changer.

Configure your platform: Every health insurer is different, which is why we made our software easy to configure. Technology limitations are hard to deal with, but you can integrate with whatever other core systems and insurtechs you choose with EIS.

The path to digital transformation

To embark on a true digital transformation and meet today’s consumer expectations, health insurers need to up their technology game. Here are three concepts to help you do it.


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