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Build stronger, more profitable customer relationships with CustomerCore™. Rise above the crowd with specialized marketing, sales, and customer engagement capabilities that are extremely flexible and designed for the demands of an always-on, omnichannel world.

Make it personal.

In today’s rapidly changing insurance landscape, all eyes are on the end customers. They have a multitude of choices in how they communicate—and more say than ever in who their insurers will be. And with the rise of online and mobile technologies, the competition is always just seconds away. To win and retain today’s empowered customers, you need to engage them on a highly personalized level—anytime, anywhere, using the means that are right for them. And that work best for your business.

An SMA Perspective:
Achieving the Ultimate 360° Insurance Experience

Customer engagement in the digital era requires a new, expanded 360° view that unifies insurers’ front and back office operations. Achieving this ultimate 360° experience delivers profound improvements in customer relationship management, the experience of customers, and the value that an insurance company can deliver. The bottom line is potential for a significant impact on customer service, growth, and profitability.

Drive better customer engagement from marketing to service.

CustomerCore helps orchestrate and manage the customer engagement lifecycle across all marketing, sales, customer management, policy admin, billing and claims processes within EIS Suite™. Adding CustomerCore to your arsenal enables you to configure when, where, and how you interact with your customers—whether for driving brand awareness, upselling and cross-selling products, or becoming a trusted protector with safety alerts and other proactive notices.

Market with precision.

Wring more value out of your marketing efforts. Infuse all marketing communications with complete, real-time, context-aware information about all customers, their policies, interactions, preferences, and profiles. Create actionable campaigns that can respond dynamically to service transactions or any interaction.

Drive higher sales.

Improve sales outcomes by automatically identifying opportunities with the highest chances of success with individual customers, based on their evolving circumstances, life changes, and recent interactions. Provide cross-sell and upsell opportunities that truly hit the spot and show customers you fully understand their needs.

Delight your best customers.

Spend more time nurturing your highest-value customers with powerful segmentation capabilities and seamless access to their full lifecycle information and relationship history. Empower your services teams to deliver the personalized customer experiences that build lasting trust, ensure loyalty, and increase revenue opportunities.


Effortlessly engage today’s connected customer.

The EIS DXP® solution gives you the digital dexterity you need to deliver more responsive, engaging, and satisfying customer experiences across any channel your policyholders prefer. It makes it easy for your customers, producers, and employees to always have complete, real-time information at their fingertips whenever and wherever they want.

Empower everyone with EIS DXP pre-built mobile apps.

Empower your customers.

Give all customers a complete omnichannel experience, including online and mobile, that is relevant, simple, and always accurate. Provide extensive self-service options that allow them to monitor every aspect of their account and receive finely tuned notifications, alerts, and special offers.

Empower your producers.

Make it a snap for agents, brokers, and other distributors to do business with you wherever business takes them. Give them secure, consistent, up-to-the-minute access to contextually relevant information about customers at any given point, through any given channel.

Empower your staff and decision makers.

Improve customer experience across the board by giving everyone in your business ready access to customer information fully integrated with productivity tools. Empower workers with customized apps that keep them fully up to date while in the field. Enable decision makers to access rich dashboards from anywhere.

IAG New Zealand Puts Customers at the Core

Insurance has now entered “the age of the digital customer,” and executives from IAG New Zealand describe how they are modernizing the service offering of their AMI insurance brand using EIS Suite and its digital capabilities. With EIS Suite, they are achieving greater insight into their customer requirements and are better able to deliver the right product, at the right place, at the right time. 

Achieve more with the Suite advantage.

CustomerCore is part of the fully unified, customer-centered EIS Suite that combines a digital-ready platform with robust applications for the full insurance lifecycle. Get the suite advantage. Minimize your integration burden. Gain a true 360° view of your customers over the lifetime of interactions—from policy to billing to claims.  Innovate freely and create the differentiation you need to compete in an environment of intensive change.



The EIS digital insurance platform is designed to help insurers innovate and operate like a tech company: fast, simple, agile.

Speed is of the essence in today’s world. Become faster at everything you do.


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With a global talent pool, a proven implementation methodology, agile delivery principles, and cloud-native technology, EIS can help you go live faster and get to success sooner.

Our Partners combine technical knowledge with industry expertise to deliver superior service and measurable results.


Build Fast. Deliver Agile. Maintain Simple.

EIS’ cloud-native SaaS architecture enables your teams to focus on business innovation, delivering value to customers, and creating the future of insurance.

Take full advantage of the cloud. Innovate and operate like a tech company.


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Built on a cloud-native architecture, our platform for high-velocity insurance frees you to become the insurer you want to be.

Speed is at the core of who we are. Become the insurer you want to be.


Build Fast. Deliver Agile. Maintain Simple.

EIS’ cloud-native SaaS architecture enables your teams to focus on business innovation, delivering value to customers, and creating the future of insurance.

Take full advantage of the cloud. Innovate and operate like a tech company.


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