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Press Release

EIS Group’s New Billing Agent App Delivers Digital Experience Capabilities to Business Users

EIS Group, a core and digital platform provider to insurers, today announced the release of Billing Agent, an application that enables insurers to create an unlimited number of rich user experiences for billing specialists to help them manage customer billing accounts, receivables and cash allocation. Billing Agent delivers a consumer-grade experience to billing staff that improves efficiency and customer service.

Screenshot of the Billing Agent App

The addition of the Billing Agent application accelerates insurers’ digital transformations by accessing the complete billing lifecycle capabilities within EIS Group’s BillingCore® solution and making them available as the persona-driven, context-aware, omnichannel user experiences required in the new era of digital insurance.

“Enabling business users to carry out tasks quickly and accurately–whether that be a customer search, review of policy and payment history, or change of payment methods–is satisfying to both customers and staff and promotes an uptick in NPS scores at the same time that it increases efficiency,” said Rita Iorfida, vice president of product strategy, EIS Group. “With Billing Agent, we have packaged a large subset of the rules, data, and transactions within BillingCore to help drive insurers’ digital billing transformations and meet the needs of all users.”

Key business benefits of Billing Agent include:

  • Access to all functionality and business rules within BillingCore via API calls ensures that insurers do not lose any capability as they move it from their core layer to a digital experience layer;
  • Simple and rapid implementation of billing user experiences via portal, mobile or web apps that are persona-based and consistent across all channels;
  • Flexible and easy creation of discrete views of billing operations–such as premium refunds, payments, billing adjustments–based on business user needs that adopt the same roles and privileges as the base BillingCore product;
  • Access to the industry’s most complete library of core billing system APIs; and
  • Support for core transformation strategies by enabling integration with EIS Group’s PolicyCore, third-party policy administration systems, both or several in parallel.

Billing Agent is the latest in a series of digital experience apps for users – including agents, consumers, customers, and claims adjusters – available within EIS DXPTM, EIS Group’s digital experience platform. These omnichannel, persona-based apps use DXP Web Components to quickly create custom user experiences and leverage API management tools within EIS DXP. DXP makes any BillingCore capability available within any user experience as needed. In total, DXP makes available an industry-leading tally of 1,100 REST APIs–for packaging as portal, mobile, and web apps–that expose the full lifecycle of insurance functionality in EIS SuiteTM which comprises BillingCore along with PolicyCore®, ClaimCore®, and CustomerCoreTM.

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