Ambition becomes reality

At EIS, ambition is the heart of our platform’s DNA. Scale your growth, connect awe-inspiring ecosystems, outperform, and master the market with truly innovative products.

Break free of rigid technology

Frustrating, isn’t it? You want to stay ahead of the curve, but your technology won’t let you.

Gaining a foothold on your competitors is difficult impossible with rigid technology that won’t easily scale or integrate into vast ecosystems. EIS’ cloud-native and future-proof makeup removes your barriers to innovation so you can maximize your revenue and be there for your customers.

“Speed to market is more important than ever in the insurance industry. Insurers with core systems that are able to support rapid introduction of new products and new ventures have a distinct competitive advantage.”

Mark Breading,
Partner, Strategy Meets Action

Throw conventional thinking out the window

Insurance systems of yesteryear were built to keep operations afloat and do a semi-good job of managing daily workload. Today, though, they need to be built to adapt and evolve with the tides of technology. Here’s how EIS helps you throw conventional thinking out the window, and become a better insurer:

Conventional thinking:

“You need custom code and significant integration to build & upgrade innovative insurance offers.”


But EIS says →

Conventional thinking:

“You need multiple, separate systems to manage different lines and the entire customer value chain.”


But EIS says →

Conventional thinking:

“A heavy focus on policy management is what will get you ahead.”


But EIS says →

Conventional thinking:

“A regulated, capital-intensive industry like insurance will be slow to respond to digital disruption.”


But EIS says →

A sigh of relief: Simpler, less complex technology built for the future

CSAA was like a lot of insurers out there: 100+ years and multiple acquisitions under their belt meant juggling multiple policy and billing systems, creating a total headache. Before the project was even over, EIS helped them:

  • Get everything moving onto one platform, cutting operational costs significantly.
  • Achieve higher retention rates via policy lifecycle monitoring & the agility to act
  • Increase DWP from $2.6 billion to $3.2 billion
  • Drop their underwriting expense ratio by one full percentage point
  • Lift in policyholder retention rate via monitoring full policy lifecycle

“The key to our future success is about serving our customers in a more simple, proactive, and personal way. This technology transformation is allowing us to execute that in a much better way.” – Vice President of Policyholder Service and Solutions, CSAA Insurance Group

Image of insurer reaching the finish line first

Innovate faster & tell the competition to eat your dust

When the future of technology is unknown, you need a platform that’s built to adapt. In the future, the competitive edge will be less about pricing and more about ecosystems & the ability to serve your customers across many aspects of life… not just saving a few dollars per month.

  • Race to the finish line with policies customers crave, whether a new localized bundle or a whole new product
  • EWin at distribution & sell in customer-centric ways that’ll have them snatching up your innovative policies: whether via direct, indirect, hybrid, or embedded selling
  • Add and manage multiple lines of business to become THE go-to insurer for all your customers’ insurance needs… leaving your competitors in the dust

What sets EIS apart

Innovate at speed

React to market conditions in real time, putting you ahead of the market ASAP.

Reduce risk and complexity

Replace multiple systems with one single platform with no configuration compromises or interrupting service.

Deploy once, integrate everything

Eliminate big bang upgrades and tech debt for good. Set up an unbelievably impressive insurance ecosystem that evolves and adapts over time.

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At EIS, ambition is the heart of our platform’s DNA. Scale your growth, connect awe-inspiring ecosystems, outperform, and master the market with truly innovative products.