Powering Insurance Innovation

At EIS Group, we believe insurance can be smart, simple and yes, even cool. It’s why we built the premier digital insurance platform — empowering carriers around the world to create modern and mobile insurance products, services and experiences that touch the lives of millions of customers every day. It’s a platform for innovation, to take you wherever the future of insurance goes.

Power your digital transformation

Digital Then, Digital Now

Digital to the core

Unlike legacy and modern legacy insurance systems, the EIS® platform is made for the digital-everywhere age, where every function within the core system is digitally-enabled through APIs. It unifies the entire insurance lifecycle, establishes a rich, holistic view of customer data, and allows you to freely connect this data with existing and new systems. This connectivity is the holy grail of insurance, enabling carriers to shift business models and outpace industry disruption.

Our Digital Platform

“We selected the EIS core platform to help enable our new smartphone-centric approach to insurance. EIS Group’s flexible platform supports our approach to reward mindful drivers, and allows us to innovate across the insurance experience to serve our customers better.”

Steve Harris,
Vice President, HiRoad

Digitize core processes

  • Build, test and deploy new products and services rapidly and at a fraction of the cost of traditional non-cloud-enabled solutions.
  • Freely combine and connect existing and new processes, tools and products in unique ways to improve competitive differentiation.
  • Apply data where it can make a difference — instantaneously and without complex and expensive integrations.
Conventional thinking says: You need custom code and significant integration to build differentiated insurance offerings.

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With EIS Group, you can innovate with ease—no painful integration or custom code required.

Conventional thinking says: It takes separate, highly specialized systems to manage different lines and the entire customer lifecycle.

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With EIS Group, you can move faster and smarter when all of your core systems work as one—for everyone.

Conventional thinking says: Focusing on effective policy management is essential to your ability to compete.

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With EIS Group, you can achieve real competitive advantage by putting your customer at the center of everything you do.

Conventional Thinking says: The regulated, capital-intensive insurance industry will be slow to respond to digital disruption.

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With EIS Group, you can innovate fast, shift business models and create new ecosystems to outpace industry disruption.

Deepen customer engagement

Grow revenue and increase customer lifetime value by using rich customer insight to create sales, marketing, buying, enrollment and service experiences that dazzle customers.

  • Use powerful analytics to identify opportunities and deliver greater value to customers.
  • Create unique experience that eliminate forms and enable no-touch, straight-through processes across buying and billing, claims and customer service.
  • Recognize customers as they move between channels, ensuring hand-offs and transitions are seamless across the customer journey.
  • Personalize with panache — leveraging real-time insight and past interactions to recommend products to customers.

"The key to our future success is about serving our customers in a more simple, proactive, and personal way. This technology transformation is allowing us to execute that in a much better way." —Vice President of Policyholder Service and Solutions, CSAA Insurance Group

Accelerate business innovation

Unlock the power and promise of digital technology to create business efficiencies, cost advantages and competitive differentiation at a scale not possible with aging, legacy systems.

  • Reduce your time-to-market, quickly launching anything from a new rate to a new localized bundle to a whole new product.
  • Evolve from a product-centric to a customer-centric model, enabling direct, indirect and hybrid distribution strategies, for all customer types and segments.
  • Enter new markets by adding and easily managing multiple lines of business and innovative products that meet emerging coverage needs.

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What sets EIS Group apart

Record-setting implementations
Live customers across group to individual
Fully digital architecture
Built to scale
Future-proof technology
Agile methodology
Reduced IT and operating costs
360° customer view
Insurtech integrated

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