Compete without constraint with EIS.

Break free from technology limitations and innovate at will with products, distribution, and customer experience.

Adapt. Compete. Win.

In today’s hyper-competitive insurance market, your business transformation is no longer a question of if, or even when. The real question is how.

How can you make it happen? How can you move forward with confidence in an era of such disruptive change?

Our unique platform approach gives you all the advantages you need. Adapt nimbly to rapidly shifting market demands. Compete successfully against aggressive newcomers by accelerating your time to market. Win customers with superior offerings, responsiveness, and service that move in step with their ever-rising expectations. And free yourself once and for all from the rigid and outdated legacy core systems that hold your people—and your success—hostage.

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“A new competitive landscape and emerging technologies are forcing insurers to embrace an outside-in approach that demands insurers rethink, reimagine, and reinvent a technology-enabled future with innovation at the heart of their efforts.”

Deb Smallwood, Founder, Strategy Meets Action

We rethink convention.

We question the long-accepted industry conventions that are taken for granted yet hinder insurance innovation and agility. With our help, savvy insurance companies can chart a better course.

Conventional thinking says: You need custom code and significant integration to build differentiated insurance offerings.

With EIS, you can innovate with ease—no painful integration or custom code required.

Conventional thinking says: It takes separate, highly specialized systems to manage different lines and the entire customer lifecycle.

With EIS, you can move faster and smarter when all of your core systems work as one—for everyone.

Conventional thinking says: Focusing on effective policy management is essential to your ability to compete.

With EIS, you can achieve real competitive advantage by putting your customer at the center of everything you do.

Customer-centered from the ground up.

Our platform was designed from the outset for today’s customer-centric and intensely competitive insurance landscape. Deliver more responsive, consistent, and satisfying customer experiences seamlessly across any interaction channel. With EIS, your customers always have a single view of you and your brand, and you always have a single view of them regardless of the mode of engagement.


"The key to our future success is about serving our customers in a more simple, proactive, and personal way. This technology transformation is allowing us to execute that in a much better way." —Vice President of Policyholder Service and Solutions, CSAA Insurance Group

Unified across the full lifecycle—and multiple lines.

Quickly build a multi-product, multi-distribution source of differentiation free from software hassles and integration burdens. Our platform uniquely unifies policy, claims, billing, customer engagement—across multiple insurance lines—in one seamless, intuitive platform. With EIS, you can speed your time to market while boosting efficiencies and enhancing customer service across your business.

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BuiltRight™ and future ready.

The EIS platform is built to evolve, scale, and adapt to meet your changing needs, while reducing risk. Expand your capabilities with only simple configurations or extensions, and without costly integrations or code customizations that can impede your upgrade path. Lower your costs further still with a core system built on open technologies and ready access to broad talent resources.

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"It's really about looking closely at your solution and making sure it's based on open technology that integrates well with what is known now and what is to come in the next years." —CIO, Industrial Alliance Auto and Home

We go the extra mile.

It’s no easy task to transform your insurance business to meet today’s new realities. We know that. With EIS Group, you can count on having a close strategic partner with you at every turn. You always have direct access to EIS leadership and to our extended team of development and implementation specialists. We won’t rest until your results exceed your wildest expectations.

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