Improve customer satisfaction—and your bottom line—with a smarter core billing system.

Make all of your billing processes more agile—and profitable.

BillingCore streamlines, automates, and speeds all key billing activities, including bill processing, account management, and cash management. By greatly reducing manual processes, it frees your billing staff to focus on analysis and improving your company’s core earnings. BillingCore is available as a self-contained product that integrates with third-party systems and is also a foundational component of the unified EIS Suite™.

  • Readily provide the billing flexibility your customers want and need
  • Support product innovation with easy configuration of payment plans and business rules
  • Gain a single view of all account-level and policy-level billing functions and information
  • Automate the management of receivables and regulate cash flow
  • Employ an account-centric view to simplify customer servicing
  • Improve communication with consistent, accurate, and easy-to-understand information

Put your customer at the center of your billing processes.

Customer-centered billing that's good for your business.

Put your customer at the center of your billing processes.

Customer-centered billing that's good for your business.

Make a Digital Connection

With EIS DXP®, everyone has ready access to the billing information they need, when they need it, and in a format that’s highly personalized for their needs. Provide customers with mobile access to billing and payment information. Offer flexible payment options and mobile payment capability. Delight your producers with easy access to their accounts and commission status.

Platform power speeds your success.

BillingCore is powered by the EIS Platform which comes with a full range of common business services and tools that increase business velocity in every phase of the billing cycle. Stay on top of your billing events, cash management, and commissions with real-time monitoring, analytics, and reporting. Easily configure rules and automate your billing processes with workflow. Go paperless with digital document management services.

“Modal billing is among the key features EIS has developed for insurer customers, customer service representatives, and agents that facilitate usability and focus on areas that are important for commercial, personal, and benefits lines of business.”

Karen Pauli, Senior Executive Advisor, CEB TowerGroup

Achieve more with the Suite advantage.

Available as a standalone application, BillingCore is also part of the fully unified, customer-centered EIS Suite that combines a digital-ready platform with robust applications for the full insurance lifecycle. Get the suite advantage. Minimize your integration burden. Gain a true 360° view of your customers over the lifetime of interactions—from policy to billing to claims.  Innovate freely and create the differentiation you need to compete in an environment of intensive change.

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