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Connectivity, speed, and customer centricity


Embrace change and become future-proof

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EIS DXP Hits Milestone with 1,100 Open APIs Now Available to Insurers

EIS Group, a leading provider of core insurance systems, today announced a major milestone in the delivery of digital capabilities to insurers has been reached with the release of 1,100 open APIs in the company’s digital experience platform—EIS DXP™—for omnichannel interaction and digital solution management. The open core API portfolio is the industry’s largest and a key component of the open architecture of EIS DXP which enables insurers to create innovative experiences and quickly incorporate new data and insurtech capabilities into their products, services and operations.

The availability of over 1,100 REST APIs to app developers makes it easier for insurers to create secure, persona-based digital experiences to all participants in rapidly growing B2C and B2B insurance ecosystems.   The APIs can be combined within EIS DXP to create apps for any part of the unique journey of any ecosystem participant, from consumer, customer, agent and broker to claims adjuster, CSR, risk inspector, underwriter and more.  Multiple pre-built web and mobile apps are already available in EIS DXP for re-use and adaption to specific insurer needs.

“Establishing a digital layer as an environment for innovation and connectivity is key capability within every insurer’s strategy,” said Karen Furtado, partner at Strategy Meets Action. “EIS Group’s commitment to exposing core services and transforming them as an extensive library of open APIs that can be consumed to create new experiences, products and channels is an advantage for insurer’s focused on the next generation of insurance customers.”

This industry-leading API portfolio can be designed into digital apps within EIS DXP that:

  • Call out to any EIS Suite™ (or third-party core application) to access any core process and microservice from acquisition to underwriting, policy admin, billing, payments, claims and customer management.
  • Embody product-specific logic and data across personal, commercial, life, benefits and health lines of business.
  • Capture persona-based and device and channel specific preferences to create optimal user experiences with higher rates of user engagement and satisfaction.
  • Are flexible and re-usable to lower the cost of digital experience delivery and accelerate digital transformation.

In addition, these 1,100 open APIs can be combined with ecosystem partner APIs to create new apps that extend journey capabilities or create entirely new experiences and touchpoints. The API library is fully consumable by mobile, web, wearable, and IoT solutions to support the packaging of insurance products and services for digital ecosystem distribution.

“The release of the industry’s largest open core API library is another big step forward for EIS Group as we lay the path for digital transformation for insurers,” said Fazi Zand, senior vice president, Products, EIS Group.  “EIS Suite is now fully available to customers and partners via open APIs in EIS DXP where new digital journeys and products can be built to support new business models and true market differentiation.”

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