EIS Suite

Innovate and differentiate with products, channels, and every customer engagement opportunity.

Unleash your true greatness.

With the customer-centered EIS Suite™, you can harness the full potential of your insurance business to innovate and compete, free from outmoded technologies and process inefficiencies that can stand in your way.

Move uniquely faster.

Gain the speed and flexibility to rapidly bring new products and plans to market. Streamline workflows, automate tasks, and accelerate processes in every phase of your operations.

Be continuously better.

Simplify what it takes to deliver exceptional experiences that build trust and loyalty with all customers and producers across your business.

Stay forever stronger.

Adapt, extend, and update your core systems to keep pace with your evolving needs—easily and cost effectively. No code rewrites or fussy integrations required.

The EIS® digital insurance platform

Support multiple insurance lines across different markets. Engage customers on their terms with every interaction. Distribute through any channel. And smartly manage the entire insurance lifecycle. Get all of that and more in one elegantly simple, unified system.

Explore the end-to-end capabilities of EIS Suite:

Customer Centered

EIS Suite gives you the unique ability to infuse customer focus into all insurance tasks and activities throughout your organization. Leverage a 360-degree view of your customers—across policy administration, underwriting, claims, billing, and all customer engagements. The integrated EIS database ensures that you always have a single version of the truth in every interaction.

“With EIS Suite, we have greater insight to the expectations of our customers and it enables us to ensure our proposition is meeting their needs today and tomorrow.”
—Executive General Manager of Direct Insurance, IAG New Zealand

Multi Everything

EIS Suite is the industry’s only core insurance solution that provides you with multi-everything flexibility across the customer life cycle. Easily manage different lines from one system. Enable seamless customer experiences over any channel—online, mobile, phone, or chat. And support direct, indirect, and hybrid distribution models for all customer types and market segments.

Seamlessly Unified

Other insurance software “suites” on the market consist of loosely integrated, patchwork components. In contrast, the full lifecycle capabilities of EIS Suite are seamlessly unified. They require no proprietary code or technical heroics to integrate with one another or with other systems. They work harmoniously by design, right out of the box.

“A key benefit with EIS Suite is that integration is part of the package. You’re not left with a huge integration effort to try and make the spare parts of the system come together to deliver the business capability.”
—CIO, IAG New Zealand

Built Right, Built for Cloud

Based on our exclusive BuiltRight™ architecture, EIS Suite has been specifically engineered to scale, integrate, and evolve as your business changes over time. Delivering EIS solutions in the cloud guarantees you will have access to the latest advances in security, performance, and infrastructure, and can accelerate your implementation time while dramatically reducing infrastructure cost.

Solutions for Multiple Insurance Segments

Group and Voluntary Benefits

With EIS, you can create the benefits business you’ve always wanted, no longer limited by what your outdated technology and labor-intensive processes will allow.

Personal Lines

With EIS, you can move in step with rising customer expectations in personal insurance markets and deliver the personalized service that fosters loyalty—and higher revenues.

Commercial Lines

EIS provides all the capabilities you need to serve commercial customers faster and better than ever—while transforming performance company-wide.