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Press Release

Wellfleet Breaks Barriers with Launch of “Lighthouse,” Leveraging the EIS Platform

Wellfleet, a Berkshire Hathaway company, recently launched “Lighthouse,” an innovative and proprietary platform designed to make quoting, implementing, and administering workplace benefits more accurate and efficient for brokers and clients.

Built on EIS’ cutting-edge core system and digital experience platform, Lighthouse by Wellfleet supports a personalized, proactive, and connected user experience for brokers, clients and members. Features of the platform include its ability to support a single system of record; smoothly connect with clients’ chosen HR technology platforms; and seamlessly exchange data from quote to claim.

Lighthouse is further enhanced by Wellfleet’s commitment to responsive, personalized service with reliable data. Each Wellfleet client is partnered with a dedicated Client Manager, who ensures benefits solutions are delivered how and when clients want them, while providing ongoing support from implementation through re-enrollment.

“Many carriers use a patchwork of dated legacy systems for quoting, enrollment and claims. These systems were not built to work together, which leads to errors and inefficiencies that brokers and their clients should not have to endure,” stated James Ocampo, Executive Vice President and head of Wellfleet’s Workplace Benefits division. “That’s why Wellfleet chose to invest in the development of Lighthouse, a highly-digital, customer-centric platform that delivers a consistent, multi-channel experience supported by authentic end-to-end service.”

A recent survey conducted by Wellfleet and EIS identified the top five pain points brokers experience with their carrier partners and the solutions Lighthouse delivers:

  1. Time to receive quote – Lighthouse supports the crafting of highly-customized and flexible plan designs, which simplifies and expedited the quoting process.
  2. Billing errors – As an end-to-end platform, Lighthouse powers the flow of accurate data from quote to claim, ensuring bills are accurate.
  3. Quoting errors – Leveraging the clean data input at time of quote, Lighthouse seamlessly deploys the approved case-build file, ensuring the proposal, policy administration system, and enrollment systems are built in sync.
  4. Lack of real-time data insights for the broker and the client – With its single source of truth, Lighthouse delivers accurate, meaningful data in real-time.
  5. Slow data processing time – Lighthouse validates enrollment data in hours or days, not weeks.

“EIS and Wellfleet have invested in the future of workplace benefits by building a groundbreaking, fully digital experience for the market,” said Samantha Chow, LAH Markets Lead at EIS.

“By coupling Wellfleet’s attentive servicing and deep knowledge of broker pain points with EIS’ open, cloud- and API-based technology, we’ve developed a vibrant, customer-centric ecosystem for Wellfleet’s distribution, data and service partners,“ said Chow. Lighthouse leverages the EIS Suite™ of software solutions to support broker and customer lifecycles from rating and quoting, policy issuance and administration, to billing and claims management.

“Lighthouse has been a highly-anticipated and long-needed market offering,” noted Drew DiGiorgio, Wellfleet President and CEO. “Launching it to the market is the cornerstone of Wellfleet’s long-term strategy to offer next-generation tools and services that give customers what they want – a personalized user experience supported by a team of industry leaders and experienced support staff.”

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