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Press Release

Prestige International Successfully Deploys EIS Group’s Core Insurance Solutions

EIS Group Inc. (formerly Exigen Insurance Solutions), is pleased to announce that Prestige International (Prestige), a top provider of business process outsourcing (BPO) services to Japan’s auto industry, has successfully implemented its PolicyCore™, ClaimCore™, and CustomerCore™, which are part of the company’s insurance software suite.

Founded in 1986, today Prestige is Japan’s largest roadside service provider. Prestige also provides claim adjudicating and management services for auto manufacturers offering extended warranties on new and used vehicles. In developing a business case for this technology initiative, the company cited low levels of automation, manual processes and legacy workarounds as causing an increase in the cost of providing claim adjudicating services for automobile extended warranty products in particular.

“While we were obviously looking for operational efficiencies, we knew this system modernization would also cut down on claim management costs for our auto manufacturer clients,” said Shinichi Tamagami, president and CEO of Prestige. “Automated adjudication has been a success for us so far. The new solutions integrate seamlessly with dealer systems, allow single sign-on for claim submissions, and are already reducing our operational cost.”

Prestige has deployed ClaimCore to a single auto manufacturer represented in Japan by over 400 dealers and more than 3,000 users. PolicyCore and CustomerCore have also been implemented successfully at Prestige to power behind the scenes workflows that support the outward-facing processes provided by ClaimCore. This modernization project also involved the deployment of a dealer portal. The modern, integrated technology behind the EIS Suite has ensured a quick adoption rate by Prestige staff, customers and partners, and speaks to the ease of use of the solutions.

“We are very pleased with the rapid success Prestige is experiencing,” said Rick Koo, SVP of product management for EIS Group. “We are looking forward to working with Prestige in the future as they take this model to other auto manufacturers and insurers in Japan.”

The EIS Suite is designed for, and deployed in, global markets, and seamlessly supports multi-language and multi-currency operations. The Prestige implementation and subsequent deployment marks the first localization of the EIS Suite in Japan.

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