The Future of Insurance is Fast, Simple, Agile

With their aging architectures, modern legacy core systems prevent you from delivering contemporary customer experiences.

The EIS® digital insurance platform was built for the future of insurance so you can build insurance experiences the world will love, and become the insurer you want to be.

Data is Oxygen for Insurance Innovation

EIS gives you end-to-end access, control, and command of the data that fuels modern customer experiences.

Our platform liberates your customer information, giving you a 360-degree view of customer data and the power to manage, connect, unify, reuse, and easily add third-party data, so you can create insurance experiences the world will love.

Open Architecture Insurance Platform

EIS Suite™ is an open-access platform. With more than 1,100 APIs delivering inbound access and outbound, event-driven integrations at any stage of a business process, EIS simplifies integrations with insurtechs, data sources, and systems to eliminate data silos caused by modern legacy or line-of-business-specific solutions.

Innovate Freely

APIs are the most essential enabler of innovation. Access customer information whenever and wherever you need it and create elegant customer experiences and meaningful engagements across any channel.

Partner Smarter

Create rich digital insurance ecosystems and offer innovative insurance products and customer experiences. Add and swap data sources, insurtechs, and partners to rapidly adapt to market changes.

Maximize Existing Systems

With our API and event libraries, EIS helps you get more out of your existing systems and data sources and offer personalized workflows and experiences to exceed customer expectations.

Cloud-Native Insurance Platform

The future of insurance technology belongs in the cloud, where it’s always on, maintained, and endlessly scalable. EIS is the cloud platform for high-velocity insurance and provides the backbone you need for innovation-led growth, enhanced customer engagement, and operational agility.

Become an insurer of the future and reduce your technical debt, free up resources to innovate, and scale endlessly as your book of business grows with a SaaS digital insurance platform.

Microservices and Event-Driven Architecture

With our microservices and event-driven architecture, agile principles are embedded in your company’s DNA, so you can test, build, and launch new capabilities independently, without impacting base code. This greatly reduces development complexity and gets you into production faster.


Activate DevOps Agility for continuous delivery and put an end to massive upgrades. EIS enables Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD). Releasing a new version of a particular microservice or integrating it with another service requires significantly less downtime than in modern legacy core systems applications.

End Big Bang Upgrades

Instead of disruptive major releases, we deliver product enhancements every three weeks. This drives innovation in your business and prevents incompatibilities that can interrupt your operations. It’s cheaper in the long-term too.

Low Code Tools and Content

EIS is an all-in-one, rules-based platform that enables non-technical and technical users to reimagine workflows and customer experiences and build any kind of insurance application, from simple to sophisticated, without writing code.

Deliver Business Value, Fast

Low-code tooling is the fastest way for non-coders to build new insurance products. Anyone with an idea can build, test, and launch powerful applications and experiences. It’s up to 10 times faster versus processes that require hand-coding.

Create Sleek Customer Experiences

With low-code tooling and preconfigured content that seamlessly work together, you can rapidly configure innovative products and services bundles that set you apart in a crowded marketplace. Simplify backend processes like ratings, pricing, billing, and claims processing to accelerate the front-end user experience.

Simplify Relentlessly

Today’s insurance customers expect to engage meaningfully using the channels and devices that best suit them. They want personalized service, flexible usage-based products, and more types of coverage that better fit their changing needs.

Learn how EIS helps you turn this morning’s idea into tomorrow’s launch, and get to success sooner.

Go Live Faster

Some insurers have delayed the decision to replace their core systems due to the high cost of implementation, fear of lengthy delivery cycles, or the risk of disrupting the customer experience.

EIS is here to change this. With a combination of methodology and modern technology, we enable insurers to evolve toward a more efficient and advanced core system without spending multiple years and tens of millions of dollars.