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EIS Group employs open, standardized technologies in groundbreaking ways. With our solution, insurers can seamlessly manage all phases of the insurance lifecycle from a single, unified platform—one that’s intrinsically flexible, highly scalable, future-proof, and built for the most sophisticated enterprises.

Innovate freely with EIS core technology.

Modular and adaptable, the EIS® insurance system enables you to innovate freely and rapidly with products and services—and across distribution and customer engagement channels. Our platform is built for the cloud using entirely web-based technologies, so you can take full advantage of the velocity, agility, and cost efficiencies of a cloud-based delivery model while retaining the option for on-premise deployments.

BuiltRight Technology

Insurance IT executives explore how the EIS BuiltRight™ platform enables them to rapidly adapt the system to meet the needs of the business and improve operations with consistent processes. The modern, integrated nature of the technology also ensures ready access to talent and reduces risk in transforming systems as well as IT cost.

Digital Ready

With EIS Group, you gain the flexibility to interact with anyone, anywhere using the connectivity methods they prefer, including online, mobile, social—and even wearable technologies. Our digital capabilities employ new-generation RESTful APIs, pre-built mobile apps, and a context-aware, responsive design for maximum ease of use and adaptability across devices.

Suite Architecture

Suite Architecture

Based on BuiltRight technology, the EIS® system combines a robust, digital-ready platform with a set of core applications—PolicyCore®, BillingCore®, ClaimCore®, and CustomerCore™—that can be used alone or as a unified suite. In one highly-configurable, multi-line system, you get the tools and technology needed for policy administration, rating, underwriting, claims, billing, and customer experience management.

Key Features

  • Customer-centric design
  • Fully unified, yet modular design
  • Library of pre-assembled content
  • Advanced rating engine
  • Reusable business rules, components, and workflows
  • Embedded business activity monitoring, analytics, and reporting
  • Document creation and eFolder repository
  • Marketing campaign and opportunity management
  • Omnichannel support
  • Robust third-party integration
  • On-premise or cloud deployment
  • Highly scalable, services-based architecture

BuiltRight Technology

BuiltRight Architecture

The EIS solution is based on our exclusive BuiltRight™ architecture. It uses a modern, service based architecture and open standards that empower insurers to deploy, adapt, and extend innovative insurance solutions with tremendous speed and agility. Our platform also ensures a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) because its components use standardized technologies and the talent necessary to run them effectively is abundant and readily accessible.

Built to Evolve

Extend your core systems at market speed without modifying your base software or putting future upgrades at risk. Whether you’re tuning out-of-the-box functionality or adding enhancements from third-party systems, your core systems are always insulated from potential disruptions.

Built to Integrate

With EIS Group, you can easily interoperate and integrate with your existing and future technology investments and systems. Our service-based platform provides application and service programming interfaces and pre-integration capabilities so you can painlessly connect to third-party applications and new data sources as your business grows.

Built to Scale

Scale horizontally, vertically, and elastically as your business grows without sacrificing performance—in the cloud or on premise. Our core applications use standard Java approaches to scale to thousands of concurrent users and millions of policies, ensuring that you’ll never outgrow it.

Versatile Configurations

Increase your business velocity with versatile configurations.

With the EIS system, you’re free to quickly innovate and adapt your insurance solutions—without costly customized code. Intuitive configuration tools empower your subject matter experts to rapidly create new products and add new features and functionality across the entire lifecycle.

Configure products.

Rapidly configure innovative products and new hybrid product-service bundles that set you apart in a crowded marketplace.

Configure rating.

Establish the right prices faster by modeling and testing new rates and new pricing strategies on the fly and with ease.

Configure billing plans, methods, and processes.

Easily define flexible billing plans and payment methods that allow you to respond competitively to shifting market demands.

Configure workflows.

Boost productivity company-wide with an intuitive graphical editor that enables you to fine-tune workflows across your operations.

Configure claims transactions.

Improve the efficiency of your claims processes by readily adapting and modifying claims definitions to suit your evolving needs.

Configure documents and forms.

Simplify document management with tools that help you easily define and map document templates, types, and storage requirements.

Common Business Services

Common business services drive operational excellence without integration hurdles.

With the EIS Suite™ software system, you get much more than state-of-the-art core insurance applications. You also get a range of intelligent business services that work together across all of your core systems, making every facet of your operation faster, better, and stronger. With the EIS system, claims events can inform underwriting workflows. Real-time insights from billing analytics can fuel product innovation. And everyone has access to data they can trust, no matter who they are or where they are in the lifecycle.

Integrated Data Model

Move faster with confidence knowing that all of your data is consistent across all of the components of EIS Suite. Improve every interaction with a single version of the truth and a 360-degree view of your customers and their portfolios.

Business Activity Monitoring and Analytics

Always have the big picture and know exactly where you stand at any moment. Real-time, role-based analytics, reporting, and dashboards give you the actionable insights you need to continually improve performance against defined SLAs, adapt quickly to change, identify roadblocks, and replicate success.

Business Rules and Workflows

Streamline business processes throughout your organization, while benefiting from industry best practices and process automation. With EIS Group, business users can take advantage of shared services and consistency in how workflows are created and used across the core insurance software applications of the EIS system.

Document Management

Go paperless with powerful document creation, management, and storage capabilities. Easily capture and organize all documents related to your business, including system-generated documents, emails, faxes, scanned documents, and electronic images, in a central digital repository for instant access in the workflow.

Achieve more with the Suite advantage.

The unified EIS Suite is the industry’s only customer-centered core insurance system that provides the ability to innovate freely with products and services across multiple distribution and engagement channels and in every customer interaction—from policy to billing to claims.

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