The future of insurance is fast, simple, and agile

The EIS® digital insurance platform was built for the future of insurance so you can create customer experiences the world will love and become the insurer you want to be.

Build Fast

With low code/no code tools and content

EIS is an all-in-one, rules-based platform that enables business and technical users to reimagine workflows and customer experiences and build any kind of insurance application, from simple to sophisticated, without writing code.

Deliver Business Value, Fast

With coretech from EIS, you can differentiate with personalized products and services. Innovate, and accelerate user experiences with streamlined rating, pricing, billing, claims, and more.

Focus on User Experiences

Create engaging digital customer experiences and ecosystems with our library of pre-configured persona-based apps and React components. Informed by Design Thinking, Atomic Design Methodology, and our responsive framework. The EIS design team focuses on design and usability so you don’t have to.

Connect to anything

With an API-First, Event-driven, Microservices Architecture

EIS simplifies integrations with insurtechs, third-party data, and systems to eliminate data silos.

Innovate Freely

APIs enable innovation. Access data everywhere and move it anywhere to create elegant customer experiences and meaningful engagement across every channel. Stream data and events to track business in real-time.

Maximize Existing Systems

Use EIS Suite’s catalog of internal and external application programming interfaces (APIs) to interact with external systems and deliver rich, fully integrated business processes orchestrated across the enterprise. Event streams enable everything from business analytics and customer notifications to general ledger updates and more.

Deliver Agile

With Microservices & CoreVelocity

Test and learn with any configuration or extension—independently of other subsystems—then push them into production without a system restart.

End Big Bang Upgrades

Instead of disruptive major releases, we deliver product updates on a quarterly basis. This drives innovation in your business and prevents incompatibilities that can interrupt your operations. It’s cheaper in the long-term, too.


Activate DevOps agility with EIS CI/CD™ and put an end to massive upgrades. EIS’ integrated tools and methodology are ready to power you through any implementation tasks. Just design, configure and test. EIS CoreVelocity™ does the rest.

Go Live Faster

Some insurers fear lengthy delivery cycles or the risk of disrupting the customer experience. With a combination of modern methodologies and technology, we enable insurers’ digital transformations without multi-year projects.

Maintain Simple

With a Cloud-Native Insurance Platform

The future of insurance technology is in the cloud, where it’s always on, maintained, and endlessly scalable.

Simplify Relentlessly with EIS SaaS

EIS SaaS liberates your teams to focus on innovation and product development, empowering you to be first-to-market with personalized insurance products.

Microservices and Event-Driven Architecture

With EIS, agile principles are embedded in your company’s DNA, so you can test, build, and launch new capabilities without impacting base code while reducing complexity and getting you into production faster.

Maximize Your Infrastructure Efficiency

EIS Suite is built on a distributed cloud-native architecture using Apache Kafka messaging and Cassandra storage. You get the best of both worlds: scale at will using commodity components while being cloud-native resilient with Active-Active Disaster Recovery. Now your Disaster Recovery doesn’t sit idle, it’s also part of your production.

At EIS, ambition is the heart of our platform’s DNA. Scale your growth, connect awe-inspiring ecosystems, outperform, and master the market with truly innovative products.