Get to Success Sooner

Say “goodbye” to complex, years-long core systems replacements.

Go Live Faster

Some insurers have delayed the decision to replace their core systems due to the high cost of implementation, fear of lengthy delivery cycles, or the risk of disrupting the customer experience. EIS changes this. We enable insurers to reign in legacy IT run amuck and incrementally transform their business without spending multiple years and tens of millions of dollars.

Modern Coretech

Our cloud-based, microservices-enabled digital insurance platform enables us to split the core systems renewal into components and “turn on” capabilities one at a time. Most of our customers go live in 6-to-9 months.

Agile Methodology

We’ve achieved a high rate of implementation success through our proven methodology, development tools, and agile delivery principles. Expect a smoother ride with higher-quality output.

Global Implementation Teams

With a global talent pool and implementation partners stationed around the globe, we can work around the clock to accelerate the launch of your digital insurance platform.


Transformation Success and Efficiency for Industrial Alliance

Learn how IAAH successfully replaced their legacy system and migrated 15 products onto the EIS Suite platform within 24 months. See IAAH’s highlights of their successful migration to the EIS Suite for underwriting, policy administration, billing, claims, and customer engagement.

Drama-Free Deployments

As an alternative to high-risk core systems replacements, we help insurers migrate in an extremely controlled way. This includes:

  • Standing up a new digital insurance platform alongside the legacy core systems to run a particular line of business
  • Launching new greenfield operations
  • Creating a test-and-learn environment to build new insurance products and services

Training and Education: The More You Know, the Further You Go

Our comprehensive training and education offerings are focused on helping our clients and partners achieve exceptional results faster using our core insurance solutions. We offer a wide range of training solutions through EIS University so you can hit the ground running:

  • Role-based learning plans
  • On-demand courseware
  • Easy-to-understand courses, workshops, and tutorials
  • Certification programs for business architects/analysts, engineers and solution/enterprise architects

Support: We’re there when you need us.

Wherever you want your EIS® platform to take you, we’re there. Our partnership doesn’t come to an end when you go live. We’re committed to your success over the long term, even as you extend your system to accommodate changing market demands and business growth.

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Case Study

Celent Model Insurer Case Study: AMI

At EIS, ambition is the heart of our platform’s DNA. Scale your growth, connect awe-inspiring ecosystems, outperform, and master the market with truly innovative products.