Stay ahead of convergence with better dental insurance software

Ready or not, the convergence of health and dental plans is here. And you can get ahead of it by giving dental plan members (and health insurance companies) what they want.

A dental insurance platform everyone loves

Members love our platform because they can get their dental and health insurance together in one platform experience.

Dental insurers love it because it gives them a better way to do business and get their work done, and lets them easily do all kinds of innovative things they’ve shied away from in the past.


EIS Suite modules for dental insurers include:

CustomerCore®: See everything your customers are up to, all the time. Member, account, and relationship information is all stored in a central source of truth, and at your fingertips. Use this data to create custom communications, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, and provide a more human touch.

PolicyCore®: Be the insurer that provides the best policies on the market. Manage and configure workflows, including benefit designs, rating, quoting, underwriting, issuing, and renewals. Make processes and management systems more efficient. With PolicyCore, you can streamline product delivery to promote member loyalty and retention.

ClaimCore®: This is the dental claims system of the future. Seriously. Imagine being able to employ rules-based best practices to better manage your member relationships, and create more accurate and timely claim outcomes. Plus, our fraud detection capabilities respond to fraud alerts faster and more effectively.

BillingCore®: Improve customer satisfaction – and your bottom line – with this one EIS Suite module. Streamline, automate, and speed up all your billing activities to cut back on manual labor, human error, and excessive costs in the billing department.

EIS DXP®: Let your plan members interact with you anywhere and everywhere: laptop, mobile, app, internet browser. EIS DXP gives you a digital experience platform for customers to easily access information, interact with your company, and exchange and update member data system-wide when needed.

EIS CloudCore: No more on-premises hosting that drains your IT department’s resources. Our SaaS delivery option frees your teams to focus on business innovation, delivering value to members, and making your company one of the best dental insurers in the market.

How EIS takes dental insurance digital

If you want to succeed in today’s dental insurance market, you need customer-centric dental insurance software that can easily take care of convergence with health plans and exist in a strong carrier + insurtech ecosystem.

Here’s how EIS Suite™ gets you there:

We’re open

APIs are everything, and data silos are so 1993. The truth is, dental insurers need to improve their technology to be attractive candidates for health plan acquisition or partnership, and to get ahead of convergence. Our API-first, cloud-native architecture eliminates data silos and helps you do that.

We’re customer centric

For dental insurers, setting yourself up for success in the world of convergence also means having the ability to give your customers EXACTLY what they want. (After all, this convergence trend is happening as a direct result of customer demand.) With EIS, you can deliver always-on customer experiences, single-card plan membership, and engagement from a better aggregation of data that’s through the roof.

We’re cloud native

None of the outdated core technology with a fancy, flashy “cloud” bandage wrapped around it. When software is built to be truly cloud native, it makes a universe-worth of difference.

We’ve got SaaS

Keep your IT department from spinning their wheels. (And let them work on things that actually advance the business.) Outsource maintenance, support, upgrades, storage, and security to EIS with our SaaS delivery model.

Say good-bye to legacy systems.

(And replace them with something that’s not a pain in the neck.)

Old, outdated core systems cause a lot of headaches, and it’s time to replace them with something better. EIS is the pain reliever for these headaches.

With EIS Suite, you get:

An insurance platform for all lines of business: Dental AND health insurance together in one platform? Absolutely. Rating, policy administration, billing, claims, and member management are all included in the EIS Suite. Plus, you can keep up with the market wherever this convergence trend takes you: seamlessly integrate with workforce and employee benefits, property & casualty, healthcare, and life & annuity.

To go live faster: Reduce your costs and shorten product release cycles to bring new, relevant products to the market faster than ever.

A holistic view of members: What could a full, 360° view of all your customer relationships do for you? With EIS, you can gather information on all interactions to build sophisticated, personalized experiences that build loyalty and value.

Channelless engagements: Your plan members can pick and choose which device they engage with you on, but whether it’s mobile or laptop, app or internet browser, it’s always a seamless experience that looks, feels, and acts the same.

Optimized processes: Your legacy systems aren’t doing you any favors: they’re limited, clunky, and prone to breaking even more as technology advances. Reduce redundancies, and make your company far more effective with workflow software that gets. things. done.

Platform configurability: Deploy only the EIS Suite modules you need, and adjust your platform as circumstances change. Easily integrate and connect with any ecosystem partner to do the kind of things that take your business to the next level.

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At EIS, ambition is the heart of our platform’s DNA. Scale your growth, connect awe-inspiring ecosystems, outperform, and master the market with truly innovative products.