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Embrace change and become future-proof

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Industrial Alliance Auto and Home Readies for Roll-out of Exigen Policy Administration, Billing and Claims Solutions in 2014

Industrial Alliance Auto and Home Insurance (IAAH), and Exigen Insurance Solutions (EIS), a leading global provider of core systems and business transformation to insurers, today announced that Industrial Alliance will go live in early 2014 with its new EIS underwriting, policy administration, billing and claim management solutions for auto and homeowners and other personal lines of business for its operations in Quebec. The Exigen Suite™ applications PolicyCore™, BillingCore™ and ClaimCore™ will provide Industrial Alliance an advanced, multi-line platform for growth that will improve operational efficiency, product distribution management and customer service.

“What EIS brings is a very comprehensive solution that allows us to undertake a full transformation of the way we do business,” says IAAH vice president, risk management, Sophie Duval. “Our customers will appreciate being able to conduct business with us in French and English via any channel in real time, be it phone, email or online self-service. Our staff will appreciate the end-to-end automation of everyday business processes that will save them time and reduce our operational costs. We see EIS’ pre-integrated policy, billing and claims solution as an opportunity to raise productivity and efficiency levels simultaneously across the enterprise.”

“This is a large systems implementation that is on track to deliver some significant increase of IT efficiency,” said Pascal Lavoie, chief technology officer, IAAH. “The configurability and flexibility of the EIS system will provide us greater self-sufficiency than usually found on comparable systems. We have a very talented IT and business operations staff, and we want to be able to benefit from their ability to directly upgrade, develop and manage products and processes without always turning to a solution vendor’s support staff. In addition, the EIS system replaces an aging legacy OS 400 system that is difficult and time-consuming to modify for new products or processes.”

Industrial Alliance will roll out both home and auto products for new business initially. Simultaneously, three million account and customer records, policy headers and recent quotes for both home and auto will be migrated to the new system. Industrial Alliance will be able to manage marketing communications to the large contact database using Exigen Suite’s new integrated CustomerCore™ module for customer relationship and communications management.
Exigen Suite will provide Industrial Alliance several business benefits, including:

  • An integrated view of customer information across its core operations that improves customer service response and effectiveness
  • A highly configurable tool to accelerate product development
  • Self-service portals for customers and for agents
  • On demand multi-lingual engagement of customers
  • Automated underwriting capabilities that streamline new business and policy servicing processes
  • An optimized claims handling system that eliminates many manual processes so that staff can focus on serving customers
  • Business intelligence and monitoring tools that track all system activity to provide business performance benchmarking, reporting, dashboards and activity-based costing

“Helping Industrial Alliance with their transformation initiative is an exciting opportunity that has motivated both the EIS and Industrial Alliance teams in a strong and productive partnership,” said Alec Miloslavsky, CEO and executive chairman, EIS. “When we have completed implementation, Industrial Alliance will achieve their goal of gaining unsurpassed business control of their core systems and effectively managing it as a multi-line platform for growth.”

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