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Exigen Insurance Solutions and ILLUMINAT Offer Core Systems Solution to Caribbean Region Insurers

Insurance core systems solution simplifies technology modernization and improves customer service and competitiveness for Caribbean insurers

Bridgetown, Barbados
August 13, 2013

Exigen Insurance Solutions, a leading global provider of core systems and business transformation to insurers, today introduced a solution designed to enable Caribbean region insurers to simplify and optimize replacement of their core policy administration, billing and claims systems. The offering leverages Exigen’s award-winning Exigen Suite™ of core systems and the regional system implementation services and expertise of ILLUMINAT.

“Insurers in the Caribbean and globally are seeking much more than process improvement or productivity enhancement when they launch large technology uplifts today. They are transforming their organizations from end to end to become exponentially more agile and customer-centric,” said Lee Fogle, SVP, global sales, Exigen Insurance Solutions. “This means developing more new products, launching these innovations quickly, developing intricate pricing strategies and delivering consistent, excellent service across a wide range of channels and touch points. This is where Exigen comes in, with a solution that combines powerful core processing and business optimization software pre-integrated with a cloud-based platform.”

“Caribbean insurers have special requirements when considering replacing their core systems. They need flexible systems that support a wide variety of products operating on a single platform that delivers 24/7 support,” said Michael Armstrong, CEO of ILLUMINAT (Barbados) Limited. “Many systems in use today were designed for a pre-Internet era. They simply do not have the configurability, flexibility or capabilities to keep pace with modern market demands. Exigen Suite delivers world-class, flexible core systems and ILLUMINAT provides the regional system implementation expertise. We look forward to helping our Caribbean clients take advantage of this robust solution.”

Caribbean insurers also require strong reinsurance capability, which is handled in Exigen Suite through a powerful integrated partner component.
The Exigen Suite™ trio of components – comprised of PolicyCore™, BillingCore™ and ClaimCore™ – handles all core operations for general insurers. Unlike many competitive offerings, however, the Exigen Suite also includes all of the other capabilities general insurers need to manage and optimize operations, including workflow and business process management, document generation, content management, business analytics and CRM. It is offered in multiple deployment options, including on-site, hosted or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). This makes the suite ideal for deployment on IBM PureSystems, a family of expert integrated systems that redefine how enterprise-level IT solutions are designed and implemented.

IBM PureSystems are built for the cloud, and “scale in” with integrated provisioning, elasticity and virtualization that improves efficiency and reduces costs. Exigen Insurance Solutions is a member of IBM PartnerWorld, additionally ILLUMINAT is an advanced member of IBM PartnerWorld and authorized reseller of IBM hardware and software including the PureSystems platform.


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