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Exigen Insurance Solutions’ New CustomerCore Solution Improves Customer Experience and Book of Business Quality

CustomerCore enables insurers to differentiate and grow by understanding and delivering a superior customer experience across all channels and touchpoints

Las Vegas, NV
May 7, 2013

Exigen Insurance Solutions®, a global provider of core systems and business transformation to insurers, today announced at ACORD LOMA Forum, the release of CustomerCore™, a new customer relationship and communications component and major enhancement to the Exigen Suite™ of insurance policy, billing and claims solutions that allows insurers to excel at customer acquisition, management and service.

CustomerCore™ is a comprehensive, insurance-specific customer relationship management (CRM) system with multi-channel integrated customer communication management (CCM). Its customer-centric design provides an optimal user experience with role-based interfaces for all types of interactions including self-service, such as Web and mobile applications, and contact center.

“CustomerCore sets the bar for insurance core systems packages,” said Fazi Zand, SVP, Products, CustomerCore and Commercial Lines, Exigen Insurance Solutions. “No end-to-end suite solution in the market today has the pre-integrated CRM and CCM capabilities that are now inherent to Exigen Suite. Insurers must typically integrate with separate off-the-shelf CRM packages at significant additional cost and implementation risks.”

CustomerCore™ enables insurers to:

  • Manage sales leads and opportunities throughout the customer lifecycle;
  • Maintain customer profiles of products and opportunities, contacts and relationships, and complete transactions history;
  • Design and perform effective sales and marketing campaigns;
  • Offer integrated customer service and communications across all channels and interactions; and
  • Leverage comprehensive CRM analytics and customer value optimization tools.

According to Celent senior analyst Mike Fitzgerald, “When we ask insurance consumers what is important to them, ease and speed always rank high on the list. Traditionally, however, insurance administration systems are separated from customer management solutions, resulting in duplication of data, inaccuracy and delays. Combining these functions can increase coordination and reduce handoffs. As insurers increasingly compete based on consistent delivery of an innovative customer experience, tight integration will be required for success.”
The key benefits to insurers are:

  • Increases customer affinity and mutual value of the relationship;
  • Measurable improvement in the quality of the book of business and business performance;
  • Reduces operational cost and complexity; and
  • Increases sales effectiveness by recommending best fit products for new business and upsell.

The advantages of CustomerCore™ are derived from its ability to integrate fully with insurance core systems (including legacy and 3rd party systems) and extend insurance processes to multiple distribution networks and through multiple channels to support person-to-person, correspondence-based, and self-service modes of interaction. The system is context aware and adaptive, so the current state of a customer interaction flows seamlessly from one channel to another – as any policy, billing, claims or sales and service interaction progresses – while repurposing content and functions based on the user’s device capabilities and constraints. CustomerCore™ also provides complete virtualization of contact center operations, facilitating centralized operations management while allowing sales, service and claims representatives to work anywhere, anytime via the Internet.

“Commoditization and competition have put the focus on customer service and retention as key differentiators,” added Zand. “CustomerCore provides insurers the flexibility to refine customer experience in a holistic way in order to acquire loyal customers, and drive top-line results.”

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