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Major New Release of Exigen ClaimCore Gives Insurers a Highly Configurable Tool for Claims Solution Design

Exigen Insurance Solutions, a leading provider of insurance core systems, announced at ACORD LOMA Insurance Systems Forum the release of Claim Factory – a major enhancement to its ClaimCore™ claims management solution. Claim Factory gives insurers unprecedented flexibility to design and configure claims solution layout to meet customer demands and staff needs. ClaimCore is part of Exigen Suite™, the most modern and complete suite of modular policy, billing and claims core systems available to property and casualty insurers.

“Claims-management processes should be formed by an organization’s best practices, not by rigid, off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all software. With this powerful rules-driven enhancement to ClaimCore, insurers can configure claims user workspaces to their organization’s unique needs. Claim Factory gives claims management a design environment where they can configure loss-data collection processes to match their company’s operational objectives, customer service philosophy and regulatory requirements,” said Rowshi Pejooh, VP, Product Development.

Claim Factory utilizes Exigen Insurance Solutions’ unique “building block” design approach to provide complete reusability. All claims data fields are organized into building blocks that can be configured, extended and assembled to change existing or create new workspaces. With Claim Factory and ClaimCore’s embedded business process management engine, insurers can design and optimize their claims process to differentiate their customer claim experience from competitors.

Claims Factory improves claims management in the following ways:

  • Business users can easily configure and build web-based claims workspaces for new and existing products and policies using “building blocks”
  • Data-collection processes can be made more efficient and accurate
  • Business rules and role-based permissions can be applied to all building blocks and functions
  • Collaboration capability allows claims stakeholders to jointly design workspaces
  • Extensive scripting capabilities accelerate training of new employees

“Our customers are excited by the flexibility and agility that Claim Factory gives them. For instance, when bringing on line a new call center with staff who are not experienced, it is a simple process to configure their workspace to limit the number of tabs and fields and introduce scripts and prompts that are intuitive and which speed claims gathering and accuracy. Insurers can then re-use and configure the same workspace to fit user needs and skill sets across different products, lines of business and markets,” says Jim Eva, claims product manager, Exigen Insurance Solutions.

Claim Factory extends ClaimCore’s ability to:

  • Configure the order in which data is collected to streamline contact-center processes
  • Create ‘tool tip’ contextual notes with instructions or scripts for any data-entry field
  • Define business rules for acquiring and validating information
  • Configure user workspace organization and navigation
  • Set labels to match an organization’s specific claims terminology
  • Track claims activity for accountability of people and processes

“Staying on top of a rapidly changing claims environment requires flexibility to swiftly respond to changing market and regulatory demands,” said Karlyn Carnahan, Principal, Insurance at Novarica. “The ability to easily add data elements, use those data elements in easily configurable rules, and customize user interfaces are critical capabilities for carriers looking to deliver leading claims capabilities for the future.”

“We are very pleased to bring Claim Factory to the market. Claim Factory extends the industry-leading configuration capabilities of the Exigen Suite to ClaimCore and enhances our clients’ business agility,” said Gwen Spertell, CEO, Exigen Insurance Solutions. “For insurers, having straightforward tools to devise efficient and responsive claims management can directly result in bottom line improvements.”

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