Thought Leadership

Coretech – Leaving legacy behind

An InsTech London Podcast

Innovation is great, but one thing’s clear from the last few years―no insurer can totally abandon its core legacy systems and switch to the latest technology in one simple move. Modern legacy systems were purpose-built for business and technology models of the past. The future requires new business and architectural models. In this InsTech London podcast, EIS’ Tony Grosso discusses coretech, insurtech, ecosystems, APIs, and the roles these play in the future of insurance.

An SMA Perspective: The Power of Speed in Insurance

Agile core solutions are a baseline requirement to provide the responsiveness to support insurers’ products and services needs with quick deployments and ease of maintenance. These solutions need to utilize the new era of computing techniques such as APIs, microservices architecture, and cloud deployments to provide the technical capabilities required.

When Insurtech Meets Coretech, the Customer Wins

Coretech is designed—from the ground up—to serve as the hub for digital insurance ecosystems and deliver excellent customer experiences, even as customer expectations continue to evolve. Coretech allows insurers to take greater advantage of insurtech and data partners to deliver benefits to customers and prospects.

2019 U.S. P&C Core Systems Evaluation: Moving Beyond the Basics

This report by Aite Group senior analyst, Jay Sarzen, explores trends within the core systems market for P&C carriers and examines the ways in which technology is evolving to address new market needs and challenges.

The Greenfield Field Guide for Insurers: Is Greenfield the Right Approach to Your Digital Transformation?

Unhindered by legacy mindsets, processes, and systems, greenfield initiatives can enable insurers to innovate quickly and freely. They start small, test, learn and adjust until an offer is ready to scale. This eBook helps insurers evaluate a greenfield approach and the strategies and technologies behind greenfield success.

AIM Evaluation: P&C and Life PAS Vendors’ External Third-Party Data Integration Capabilities

This Impact Report, authored by Aite Group senior analysts Samantha Chow and Jay Sarzen, explores key trends within the P&C and life and annuity market and discusses the ways in which technology is evolving to address new market needs and challenges, such as integration with other core systems and ETPD.

An SMA Perspective: Insurance and the New Era of Computing

This white paper, based on SMA research, surveys, interviews, and insights from insurer engagements, explores the new computing trends already affecting the insurance industry, as well as those on the horizon.

Eight ways to power your digital transformation with a next-generation insurance platform in the cloud

How can you provide the digital experiences and products expected of today’s customer within the emerging B2C and B2B ecosystems?  Learn the 8 important ways a digital insurance platform powers your digital transformation.

Life Insurance Claims Vendors in North America: Evaluating Stand-Alone Systems

This report, authored by senior analyst Samantha Chow of Aite Group, compares stand-alone claims vendors supporting North American life insurance carriers in their overall competitive position, focusing on vendor stability, client strength, product features, and client services.

An SMA Perspective: Building Loyalty and Engagement Through Digital Experience in Insurance

Discover the advantages of an integrated approach to delivering exceptional digital experience to customers, producers, and partners.  In this independent Strategy Meets Action (SMA) report, learn about the digital strategy, capabilities, and technology that will drive loyalty and engagement.

Essentials for Gaining Small Case Market Share

Considering a down market move?  How will you adapt your products, underwriting and distribution? Learn how and why new technology is key to your market success.

Are you a benefits insurer planning to go down market?

Discover the five questions and 7 capabilities that are essential for benefits insurers planning a down market move.

Why the ultimate 360° insurance experience eludes even the top insurers

How can insurers excel in customer engagement? This presentation explores the 7 essentials needed for a unified core systems, sales, and marketing platform.

An SMA Perspective: Achieving the Ultimate 360° Insurance Experience

Customer engagement in the digital era requires a new, expanded 360° view that unifies insurers’ front and back office operations. Achieving this ultimate 360° experience delivers profound improvements in customer relationship management, the experience of customers, and the value that an insurance company can deliver. The bottom line is potential for a significant impact on customer service, growth, and profitability.

Eliminating Barriers to Connectivity: Technology to Succeed in the New Voluntary Benefits Market

eBook explaining how emerging technology for benefits insurers enables connectivity and improves integration with enrollment platforms and exchanges.