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March 11, 2022

Embedded insurance: A new route to growth and value

With the potential to generate more than $3 trillion in new market value, embedded insurance offers insurers an opportunity to gain market share, launch new products and services fast, and enhance customer value. Learn what Simon Torrance, founder, Embedded Finance & Super App Strategies, has to say about this emerging insurance technology trend.

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About EIS

EIS is an insurance software company that enables leading insurers to innovate and operate like a tech company: fast, simple, agile.

And with thousands of open APIs, the platform gives insurers the freedom to connect to a vast ecosystem of insurtech and emerging technologies. Headquartered in San Francisco, EIS powers premium growth for insurers in all lines of business worldwide.

Founded in 2008, EIS provides a platform for high-velocity insurance. This open, flexible platform of core systems and digital solutions liberates insurers to accelerate and scale innovation, launch products faster, deliver new revenue channels, and create insurance experiences the world will love.

At EIS, ambition is the heart of our platform’s DNA. Scale your growth, connect awe-inspiring ecosystems, outperform, and master the market with truly innovative products.