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    EIS Solution Overview: Group & Voluntary Benefits

    The world of benefits insurance is almost unrecognizable from where it stood even ten years ago. The traditional technologies and business processes that saw you through decades of steady growth have now become serious liabilities. With EIS, your core systems will no longer constrain your benefits portfolio and service delivery. Instead, they’ll be a perpetual engine for market expansion, business transformation, and long-term customer contentment.

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    EIS Solution Overview: P&C

    Yesterday’s technology is already falling short of addressing today’s market requirements. How will it address tomorrow’s? With EIS insurance solutions, P&C insurers can thrive amidst unending changes in the market with speed, agility, and distinguishing customer service.

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    BillingCore for Benefits

    BillingCore® is a highly advanced billing, cash management, and commissions system that helps you improve customer satisfaction and your bottom line.

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    BillingCore for P&C

    BillingCore® is a highly advanced billing, cash management, and commissions system that helps you improve customer satisfaction and your bottom line.

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    ClaimCore for Benefits

    ClaimCore® is a comprehensive, easily configurable and extendable claims management solution that enables today’s insurers to drive the claims process from end-to-end with great speed, responsiveness, customer focus, and oversight.

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    ClaimCore for P&C

    ClaimCore® is a comprehensive, easily configurable and extendable claims management solution that enables today’s insurers to drive the claims process from end-to-end with great speed, responsiveness, customer focus, and oversight.

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    PolicyCore for Benefits

    PolicyCore® is an extremely powerful, highly configurable, and simple-to-use policy administration and underwriting system that enables insurers of any size to gain the market speed, responsiveness, customer focus, and operational excellence today’s intensely competitive insurance markets demand.

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    PolicyCore for P&C

    PolicyCore® is an extremely powerful, highly configurable, and simple-to-use policy administration and underwriting system that enables insurers of any size to gain the market speed, responsiveness, customer focus, and operational excellence today’s intensely competitive insurance markets demand.

Case Studies

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    Celent Model Insurer 2018: AIG Canada

    A 2018 Celent Model Insurer case study in legacy and ecosystems transformation featuring an EIS core platform implementation at AIG A&H for 27 coverages in four major product lines.

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    HiRoad launches behavior-based, direct-to-consumer business on EIS digital insurance platform

    HiRoad deployed EIS Group’s end-to-end platform to support usage-based personal auto insurance that recognizes and rewards good driving behavior and supports a fully digital user experience.

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    Automated Testing at CSAA Insurance Group: Improved quality and speed with EIS Group and AWS solution

    CSAA Insurance Group improves quality and speed by automating testing with EIS® Testing Framework and successfully transitioning to the AWS cloud.

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    Liberty Mutual Benefits leverages EIS Group for a strategic state-of-the-art single business platform

    Liberty Mutual Benefits chooses EIS® core insurance software to move down market and gain market share. The single cloud-based EIS solution replaced a number of stand-alone systems and met an aggressive goal to support new business for  6 products in record time and full suite implementation complete within one year.

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    Industrial Alliance Expands Business with New Digital Platform and Improves Service and Efficiency

    Quebec-based Industrial Alliance Auto and Home selects EIS® core insurance software to implement a customer-focused platform with simpler processes. The EIS solution was implemented without any interruption to business operations and supports 15 personal lines products, over 300k policies, and 1.8 million customer records.


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    AMI Core System Transformation Delivers Enhanced Customer Service, Efficiency, and Cost Reduction

    New Zealand-based AMI selects EIS® core insurance software to transform its outdated policy administration, billing, and claims solutions. Deployed in just 24 months, the EIS solution supports a portfolio of 23 classes of motor products and more than 1 million policies while providing annual savings of $1.1 million in support costs.

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    CSAA Insurance Group Replaces Legacy Core Systems to Support Revenue Growth, Improved Customer Service, and Speed to Market

    CSAA, the second largest AAA insurer, chooses EIS® core insurance software  to increase speed, insight, and engagement in its personal lines market. The EIS solution supports over 5,000 users and more than 1.4 million auto policies, as well as home and umbrella policies. CSAA has seen a $600 million increase in DPW since the new policy administration roll-out.

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    AIG Canada (A&H) Deploys EIS Core Insurance Software for its Group Benefits Business

    AIG Canada’s Accident and Health business chooses EIS® core insurance software to modernize their accident and health systems. The EIS solution replaced legacy core systems with new business, policy administration, and billing systems, supports a portfolio of more than 27 plan offerings for both group and individual insurance, and was deployed on time and under budget in only 11 months.

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    Celent Model Insurer Case Study: AMI

    A Celent case study on effective technology use in insurance featuring an EIS Suite core systems implementation at AMI, an IAG subsidiary in New Zealand.

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    CSAA Insurance Group: A Core Replacement Odyssey – A CEB TowerGroup Technology Analysis Abstract

    A CEB TowerGroup case study outlines the full life cycle of the policy administration replacement project at CSAA Insurance Group, which provides AAA-branded personal lines insurance to over 17 million AAA members in 23 states.

  • CS_IAAH_280x158.png

    Industrial Alliance Improves Customer Service and Efficiency with New Digital Platform

    Case study describes how Industrial Alliance Auto and Home executed a core systems transformation with EIS Suite achieving on-time delivery with zero interruption to business operations.

Thought Leadership

  • v2_aws-thumbnail.png

    Eight ways to power your digital transformation with a next-generation insurance platform in the cloud

    How can you provide the digital experiences and products expected of today’s customer within the emerging B2C and B2B ecosystems?  Learn the 8 important ways a digital insurance platform powers your digital transformation.

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    An SMA Perspective: Insurance and the New Era of Computing

    This white paper, based on SMA research, surveys, interviews, and insights from insurer engagements, explores the new computing trends already affecting the insurance industry, as well as those on the horizon.

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    Life Insurance Claims Vendors in North America: Evaluating Stand-Alone Systems

    This report, authored by senior analyst Samantha Chow of Aite Group, compares stand-alone claims vendors supporting North American life insurance carriers in their overall competitive position, focusing on vendor stability, client strength, product features, and client services.

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    An SMA Perspective: Building Loyalty and Engagement Through Digital Experience in Insurance

    Discover the advantages of an integrated approach to delivering exceptional digital experience to customers, producers, and partners.  In this independent Strategy Meets Action (SMA) report, learn about the digital strategy, capabilities, and technology that will drive loyalty and engagement.

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    Essentials for Gaining Small Case Market Share

    Considering a down market move?  How will you adapt your products, underwriting and distribution? Learn how and why new technology is key to your market success.

  • Are you a benefits insurer planning to go down market?

    Discover the five questions and 7 capabilities that are essential for benefits insurers planning a down market move.

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    Insurance Customers, and How to Keep Them by Using Connected Technology

    Alec Miloslavsky, CEO of EIS Group, explains how carriers can keep their customers through the use of connected technology. Better understanding and use of the Internet of Things is a key part of this strategy.

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    Technology Delivers Customer-Centricity for Group, Voluntary Benefits Insurers

    EIS Group’s Tony Grosso explains how technology modernization increases customer-centricity by transforming the purchasing experience, enhancing service levels, creating personalized experiences, and promoting loyalty by unifying systems around customers.

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    Why the ultimate 360° insurance experience eludes even the top insurers

    How can insurers excel in customer engagement? This presentation explores the 7 essentials needed for a unified core systems, sales, and marketing platform.

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    An SMA Perspective: Achieving the Ultimate 360° Insurance Experience

    Customer engagement in the digital era requires a new, expanded 360° view that unifies insurers’ front and back office operations. Achieving this ultimate 360° experience delivers profound improvements in customer relationship management, the experience of customers, and the value that an insurance company can deliver. The bottom line is potential for a significant impact on customer service, growth, and profitability.

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    Eliminating Barriers to Connectivity: Technology to Succeed in the New Voluntary Benefits Market

    eBook explaining how emerging technology for benefits insurers enables connectivity and improves integration with enrollment platforms and exchanges.

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    Connectivity Drives New Business in Evolving Benefits Market

    EIS Group’s Tony Grosso describes why Insurers need the ability to reach potential consumers directly and to connect to enrollment platforms and private exchanges in order to compete for new business.

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    OnCore: Speed Time to Market with Rapid Product Development

    To achieve the level of innovation, velocity, and agility needed to effectively compete in today’s market, insurers need rapid product manufacturing.This executive brief describes key capabilities for insurers seeking greater agility in defining, changing, and launching products.

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    Addressing Risk In Core System Replacement

    EIS Group CEO, Alec Miloslavsky, discusses methods to mitigate risk when transforming core systems, and highlights the importance of taking advantage of best practices by rethinking processes throughout the project.

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    INN Webinar Executive Summary: Have Suites Won the Policy Admin War?

    Rising customer expectations and the corresponding pressure on insurers to respond with greater product customization are key drivers for core system replacement. A web seminar hosted by Insurance Networking News compared two competing approaches: standardizing on an end-to-end policy administration suite from a single vendor versus mixing and matching best-of-breed solutions from multiple sources.

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    CEB Policy Administration System Profile: EIS PolicyCore

    Profile of EIS PolicyCore published in CEB Policy Administration System report.


  • Get Simply Digital with DXP™

    Enable the ultimate customer experience with EIS DXP™, brought to you by EIS Group.

  • CSAA Insurance Group: Delivering Simple, Proactive, Personal Customer Service

    Focused on fulfilling a customer-intimate strategy, CSAA Insurance Group selected EIS Group as its technology partner to replace its legacy core systems. Now equipped for the digital era, CSAA Insurance Group has enhanced business agility, decreased underwriting expenses, and increased customer retention.

  • IAAH: Transformation Success

    IAAH shares how aging technology and outdated processes were hindering their ability to expand market share and improve customer service. Partnering with EIS Group, they successfully replaced their legacy system and within 24 months, implemented new processes, and migrated 15 products onto the EIS Suite™ insurance platform.

  • IAG New Zealand Puts Customers at the Core

    Executives from IAG New Zealand describe how they are leveraging EIS Suite™ and its digital capabilities to modernize the service offering of their AMI insurance brand to ensure a consistent experience regardless of the channel used by the customer.

  • BuiltRight Technology

    Insurance IT executives explore how the EIS® platform enables them to rapidly adapt the system to meet the needs of the business and improve operations with consistent processes. The modern, integrated nature of the technology also ensures ready access to talent and reduces system transformation risk as well as IT cost.


  • INN-University-Logo_Header.png

    Have Suites Won the Policy Admin War?

    Hosted by INN editor-in-chief Nathan Golia, the webcast examined both approaches to core system replacement—suite and best-of-breed—and insurers weighed in on the pros and cons of each. In addition, Philippe Lafreniere, SVP from EIS Group, explained an alternative approach dubbed “single vendor best-of-breed” which merges the benefits of both.

  • IIR_logo_for-website-e1467831255902.png

    De-Risking Large Core System Replacements: Featuring 3 Keys to CSAA’s Success

    Anthony O’Donnell leads an interactive discussion highlighting real-world insights into minimizing the risks of core system replacement projects. During this webcast, Karen Pauli of CEB TowerGroup shares recent research and reflects on key factors that keep projects on-time and under-budget. While Scott Hunt of CSAA Insurance Group shares how his team managed the successful replacement of multiple legacy systems, resulting in a charted path to self-sufficiency with a future-ready technology platform. CSAA Insurance Group now has over one million policies in force on their new EIS core system platform.