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You’d be surprised how many insurers are trapped with outdated business processes simply because of the technology systems employed. Systems were designed specifically to support those now antiquated processes and without the flexibility necessary to support necessary change. Ambitious insurers are investing in modular, scalable, microservice based architecture for their core platforms. They know this is the only way to future proof their business, to be able to quickly and continuously create and support evolving digital experiences and simplified processes customers demand.

Jennifer Bauer
Healthcare Transformation Architect

Innovative digital-first experiences matter

As we collectively learned throughout the pandemic, we’re living in a digital, always-on world. Businesses lacking the technology to keep up with the competition should be mindful that someone better prepared will follow on and dislodge them, meaning legacy systems no longer cut it.

With EIS Coretech, you can replace multiple systems with a platform designed around your customer. Once on board, our Coretech platform enables you to deploy, innovate and transform at pace to meet ever-changing demands.

Providing experiences and empowering your customers – and employees – to engage in a digital-first world will make the difference between those that grow and thrive and those that stagnate.


Tech Trends

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Can data win the race for sustainability?

Insurance isn’t alone in rising to the challenges of climate change. But in doing so, there are two key questions we must ask; 1) how can the insurance industry operate better? 2) what more can the industry offer to affect this? To help answer, we look at the role data has to play in sustainability.


Embedded insurance

The advent of native core systems means the insurance industry can better track, analyse and engage with its customer. Such data means we can now better personalise experiences and distribute products and services. It also means insurers can positively influence behaviour and mitigate risk. We call it Embedded Insurance 2.0 and the possibilities are radical.


Embedded insurance is one of the hottest topics in insurance today. It’s estimated to be a $3.5 Trillion market opportunity. Get inspired by the future of customer experience and understand the differences between embedded insurance, insurance ecosystems, and the emergence of embedded insurance 2.0.


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With cloud-native core systems, insurers can now combine and analyze custome, IoT, and other data to personalize experiences, distribute products and services, influence…


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4 Trends Shaping the Future of Insurance.


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How can insurers create a culture of innovation?

According to McKinsey’s latest “Global Innovation Survey,” more than 80% of executives believe innovation is an important aspect of their growth strategy.


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Alec Miloslavsky, CEO of digital insurance platform EIS, tells us about the pace of digitisation in insurance and what it takes to make change happen.

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At EIS, ambition is the heart of our platform’s DNA. Scale your growth, connect awe-inspiring ecosystems, outperform, and master the market with truly innovative products.