Reimagine life insurance

The EIS platform for high-velocity insurance helps insurers innovate and operate like a tech company: fast, simple, agile.

The life, annuities, and pension market is ready for digital transformation.

The insurers of tomorrow must offer the same fast, frictionless experiences customers experience everywhere in their day-to-day lives. 

Whether you’re a large insurer aiming to launch a greenfield effort or a regional carrier looking to modernize your customer experience, EIS is your partner for innovation.

Watch this demo of our persona-based applications for life insurance.

Hello, Future.

Don’t wait for the next generation of life insurance and annuities to arrive. Shape it with fast, flexible, agile coretech software from EIS.

Break free of legacy systems

EIS removes the constraints of legacy systems, giving you the speed and agility to enter new markets and launch new insurance products in record time.

  • Empower business users to develop insurance products and workflows with no-code tooling 
  • Activate an agile build-test-and-learn culture, accelerating your speed to market
  • Liberate IT from maintenance and upgrades for true innovation efforts around customer experience

Deliver personalized products and experiences

Data drives modern customer experiences. EIS gives you the real-time 360-degree customer view insurers need to create and customize meaningful customer experiences.

  • Tailor products to individual customer needs
  • Shift away from a one-size-fits-all approach
  • Upsell and cross-sell with detailed customer histories across all product lines
  • Win the moments that matter, improving customer retention and renewals with exceptional customer experiences

Digitize and automate underwriting

Eliminate the costly, manual underwriting processes that increase risk and slow sales cycles. EIS delivers fast, accurate underwriting through integrations with third-party data sources and insurtechs.

    • API-first architecture enables automated and accelerated underwriting via third-party data and AI-solutions
    • Reduce errors and risk with automated analysis from multiple systems (MIB, RX, MVR, etc.)
    • Gauge the financial and health wellbeing of potential policyholders with unstructured and third-party data


Guardian Life Simplifies Employee Leave with Digital-First Absence Management Program

See how Guardian collaborated with EIS to develop and launch Guardian Absence Solutions, an amazing new employee absence management solution.

What sets EIS apart

Cloud-native architecture

Insurtech integrated

Vast set of APIs

Integrated AI/ML

Agile methodology

Built to scale

Future-proof technology

Integrated CRM

Platform-based technology

Reduced IT and operating costs

Speed to market

360° customer view

The future of life insurance is fast, simple, agile.

EIS aims to be the last insurance core systems platform your company buys.

 Learn how our cloud-native, API-first architecture reduces technical debt and empowers teams to create products and experiences that win the day.


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