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About Levio

Levio Consulting’s Insurance Practice is founded on the premise that technology needs to be tightly aligned with business drivers and that success needs to be measured against concrete business goals. We are a fast-growing IT and Business consulting firm specializing in the transformation and modernization of insurance companies to help them win in today’s competitive market.

We have deep expertise in Core Insurance systems modernization, Custom IT system development, Business process redesign and optimization, Mobility, and Connected objects (IoT).

Working with EIS

Levio Consulting has developed project guidelines and methods to accelerate the implementation of EIS’s Core Insurance suite and ensure its seamless integration into clients’ environments.

Our business and technology experts are trained on the latest EIS features and can help you navigate through the complexities of a Core System Modernization program.

  • Our in-depth understanding of EIS-specific tools allows us to reduce migration times and costs: we hit the ground running.
  • We design our solutions based on a holistic view of the Enterprise, thus ensuring true alignment with strategic business goals.
  • Thanks to our broad knowledge of Insurance processes and IT systems, we provide strategic guidance to streamline core operations.

Been there, done it: Trust a partner that has done it before. We know how to make a success out of your EIS-based project.

“Levio Consulting is proud of its strong ongoing partnership with EIS that allows us to work together to deliver great value based on EIS’s suite of products. Levio Consulting provides enterprise architecture and information technology services from the earliest stage of a project through its completion. Within the insurance industry, we are renowned for delivering true business value by aligning our projects on our clients’ business drivers and for delivering on time, on scope and on budget. Through key professionals who are chosen for their affinities with customers and their business acumen, Levio provides its clients with the expertise they need to quickly and efficiently carry out projects across EIS PolicyCore, BillingCore, ClaimCore and CustomerCore.”
– Réal Cantin, Insurance Practice Lead