Coretalk Episode 5

EIS Coretalk: People or Technology – What Drives Digital Transformation in Insurance? (S1E5)

Join Ema Roloff, director of enterprise solutions at Naviant, EIS CMO Tony Grosso, and host Ed Halsey debate whether digital transformation is better when it’s led by people or technology. Watch now!

In this episode:

Is insurance digital transformation better when it’s led by people or technology? Check out the debate in our new episode of Coretalk.

What you’ll learn:

  • The advantages of technology-driven and people-driven digital transformation
  • The importance of appropriately managing change at your organization so that people don’t reject it
  • Which is better in digital transformation, technology that’s been in the market for a long time, or technology that’s new and unproven?


The Greenfield Field Guide for Insurers: Is Greenfield the Right Approach to Your Digital Transformation?

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Which should drive digital transformation, people or technology?

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