Coretalk Episode 6

EIS Coretalk: Why Your Digital Transformation Will Fail — and What to Do About It (S1E6)

In this episode, Lisa Wardlaw, global head of insurance for Geosite, EIS CMO Tony Grosso and host Ed Halsey discuss where most insurance digital transformations go wrong. Watch now!

In this episode:

Where do most insurance digital transformations go wrong? Find out in our new episode of Coretalk.

What you’ll learn:

  • Where innovation sits within the insurance ecosystem, and why it should be everyone’s job
  • The steps to success in digital transformation, and how collaboration and cooperation fuels it
  • The keys to creating a technology transformation that enables business transformation

Why your insurance digital transformation will fail

Digital transformations are important for insurers, but most insurance digital transformations are doomed to fail. Here’s why.

The Greenfield Field Guide for Insurers

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How to Become a High-Velocity Insurer and Win in the New Digital Economy

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Why your digital transformation will fail

Why do most insurance digital transformations fail? Watch to find out.


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