Coretalk Episode 4

EIS Coretalk: Live from Insurtech Insights – The Looming Threat to Insurtech (S1E4)

In this episode, recorded live at Insurtech Insights Europe, our hosts Ed Halsey and Tony Grosso chat with Lisa Wardlaw, insurance digital strategist, and Charlotte Halkett, chief commercial officer, Bought By Many about the state of the insurtech market and which superpower helps insurers get an edge. Watch now!

In this episode:

In this episode of Coretalk, we discuss the state of today’s insurance market and what superpower helps insurers maintain their competitive advantage.

What you’ll learn:

  • How global economic shifts have impacted insurtech, and why the insurance industry is skilled at navigating uncertain times.
  • Challenges of today’s insurance market and opportunities for smaller players
  • Where insurance is playing right now in the digital economy
  • How coretech helps insurers maintain their market-leading positions


A preview of “Coretalk Live: The looming threat to insurtech”

Although insurance companies feared insurtechs would peel away their market share, partnering with these firms is a smart move.

Want to see how EIS can give you a super shield against all the bad guys in the insurance industry?

The superpower contender battle between carrier and insurtech.


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