Coretalk Episode 2

EIS Coretalk: Who Will Save Insurtech? (S1E2)

In this episode we’re joined by Bryan Falchuk, the best-selling author of “The Future of Insurance.” We talk about the part insurtechs are playing in the market, and who (or what) the real villian is and why.

In this episode:

Hero or Zero? A lot of insurance companies have become insurtech-happy to the point that things are starting to break. Kind of like a toddler dressing herself: she sees her favorite pieces in the closet, gets excited, and puts them all on. It’s fine for a three-year-old’s play time, but when an insurance company takes the same approach with technology, things start breaking. 😬

What you’ll learn:

  • What’s the kryptonite of insurtechs?
  • Which insurance companies will be left in 10 years? And why?
  • The inevitable collapse of the brittle framework of manual integrations and overlaps
  • Why picking & choosing insurtechs is like toddler dressing herself: it’s fun, but it doesn’t look good


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