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Press Release

EIS Group Enables Omnichannel Insurance Interactions with New Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

EIS Group, a provider of core software systems to insurers, today announced at the Insurance-Canada Technology Conference (ICTC) the availability of CustomerCore™ DXP, a new digital experience platform that adds omnichannel capabilities to the company’s EIS Suite™ software solution for policy, billing, claims and customer engagement.

While most insurers support multichannel interactions, many portal and mobile capabilities remain siloed and fail to deliver a coherent customer experience. True omnichannel capabilities, as delivered by EIS Group through CustomerCore DXP, go beyond multichannel access to unify online, mobile and contact-center channels, and to connect those channels—in real time—with core insurance systems. These connected capabilities ensure a seamless customer experience and help nurture direct relationships between insurers and customers.

“The omnichannel concept is an evolution of multichannel operations and is a crucial capability for the digital insurer,” said Mark Breading, partner and chief research officer for SMA. “The omnichannel world seeks a single view of the customer, as well as brand consistency across channels and platforms. Omnichannel solutions need to allow insurers to design an environment in which channel switching is transparent and seamless to the customer. At the center of this approach would be a unified digital platform that would support all channels and connect the channels to the core administration systems on the back end. This would bring interactions and information together to produce a different and better customer experience that fosters loyalty.”

CustomerCore DXP enables insurers to leverage EIS Group’s core administration systems to deliver the highest level of customer service and engagement via online, mobile, email, text, chat or voice interactions. Through CustomerCore DXP, customers experience a seamless transition between preferred channels and devices while engaged in any purchasing, billing, policy servicing or claims transaction. Leveraging CustomerCore DXP, insurers can provide real-time integrated access to agents and brokers, leverage location-based services, and provide emergency or claims-related services. All stakeholders benefit from real-time access to any information regarding customer accounts, products and processes via tight integration with the EIS Suite software applications—PolicyCore™, ClaimCore™, BillingCore™ and CustomerCore.

“CustomerCore DXP delivers a true omnichannel experience via a seamless flow of activities and transactions between channels. At the same time, it preserves the business context and state of transactions with reliable security and privacy safeguards,” said Fazi Zand, EIS Group senior vice president, products. “Leveraging CustomerCore DXP, insurers can avoid the adverse impact that disconnected channels have on customer relationships and retention. Now insurers can rapidly implement digital strategies, dramatically improving user experience for customers and agents while controlling sales and servicing costs, and avoiding expensive, redundant integrations to separate portal and mobile solutions.”

Improved access and a greater level of transparency into the insurance process for all end users are enabled via CustomerCore DXP by these key technologies:

  • New-generation REST APIs that quickly and efficiently expose core system data and processes.
  • A prebuilt set of mobile apps for customer, agent and vendor self-service that are easily configured to meet insurers’ company-specific needs.
  • Context-aware, responsive design features that allow customer interactions to flow seamlessly from one channel to another while adapting functions and content based on the user’s authorizations as well as device capabilities and constraints.

CustomerCore DXP is a member of EIS Group’s CustomerCore family of products, which offers customer and account management, customer service, communications, marketing and sales support, as well as customer analytics.

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