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Press Release

Former Allianz of America President Peter Huehne Joins Exigen Insurance Solutions

Exigen Insurance Solutions, a leading global provider of core solutions to insurers delivered through an aligned-outcome business model, today announced the appointment of Peter Huehne as vice-chairman. Mr. Huehne is the former president and member of the board of directors of Allianz of America.

“I am very pleased to welcome Peter to our executive team,” said Exigen Insurance Solutions’ executive chairman, Alec Miloslavsky. “He is an accomplished industry executive and leader who brings a wealth of global business experience. His oversight in critical areas of risk, finance and strategy will help drive organizational excellence. His insights into building value within the insurance enterprise will, in particular, give direction to our delivery of the business transformation execution so needed by insurers wanting to meet current and future market demands.”

Until March this year, Mr. Huehne worked for the Allianz Group and several of its subsidiaries. He served companies of the Allianz Group as a member of the board of directors, finance and audit committees. Since 2009 he was the president of Allianz of America and a member of the Fireman’s Fund executive and finance committee. Mr. Huehne has also served Allianz entities as CFO in Canada, Australia, Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company (US), Allianz of America, and the Allianz German Insurance Group.

As vice-chairman, Mr. Huehne has broad overall responsibility in the areas of risk, finance and strategy. This includes product pricing; oversight of financial target setting, planning, and third party management; interface to the capital markets; and insurance business outcome-based value alignment strategy.
“Exigen Insurance Solutions has a unique customer-focused business proposition for property and casualty insurance companies,” said Mr. Huehne. “This business model covers both the need for competitive IT solutions as well as optimizing the related expenses. The differentiated business model strategically and financially aligns Exigen and its customers through multi-year contracts way beyond the implementation of the IT solution.”

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