Meet EIS:

A faster, more complete alternative to Duck Creek

EIS and Duck Creek share many surface-level similarities. But scratch beneath the surface and you’ll recognize night-and-day differences. 

We believe EIS is a smarter choice because it helps insurers deliver digital customer experiences faster. Launch new digital products, build new channels, and enter new markets with the cloud-native insurance core systems platform for open innovation.

Free download: “Platform Comparison: EIS vs. The Competition”

EIS is for you if:

You’re deploying internationally

EIS can handle multiple currencies, languages, and lines of business on a single platform.

You require advanced analytics capabilities

EIS has advanced and predictive analytics capabilities for greater efficiency and better customer experiences.

You prefer simpler, easier product releases

Our regular upgrades occur in the background with little or no disruption or testing required.

You want fair and transparent pricing

EIS’ flexible pricing model allows platform components to be unbundled, which means you avoid paying for “shelfware.”

Trusted by some of the world’s most innovative insurers

Leading insurance companies are using EIS to accelerate digital transformation and de-risk deployment.

Stay ahead with a free platform comparison

Make sure you’re aware of critical differences between the insurance platforms available on the market today.