Your job is to cover your customers.
Our job is to cover you.

Break free from legacy technology constraints. Start creating differentiation in your products, distribution models, and customer experiences that extends your competitive advantage and propels lasting success. EIS products and solutions put the power to build a uniquely faster, continuously better, and forever stronger insurance business in your hands.

Solutions for Multiple Insurance Segments


Group and Voluntary Benefits

With EIS, you can create the benefits business you’ve always wanted, no longer limited by what your outdated technology and labor-intensive processes will allow.


Personal Lines

With EIS, you can move in step with rising customer expectations in personal insurance markets and deliver the personalized service that fosters loyalty—and higher revenues.


Commercial Lines

EIS provides all the capabilities you need to serve commercial customers faster and better than ever—while transforming performance company-wide.

EIS Core Insurance Suite

Customer centered, end to end, and unified

The EIS Suite™ is the industry’s only customer-centered core insurance solution that enables you to innovate freely with products and services, across channels, and with every customer engagement, simply and seamlessly in one unified system. Gain a 360-degree view of every customer across the entire lifecycle—from policy to claims to billing.

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Support the entire lifecycle with EIS insurance solutions.



Multi-line policy management

Get the speed and versatility to deliver faster, more consistent customer experiences and continually adapt to ever-changing insurance market dynamics.



Customer management and engagement

Ease your way to delivering loyalty-building customer service with every interaction throughout the lifecycle and across all of your business lines.



Billing and finance

Transform billing from a cost center to a strategic business advantage with a billing system that makes it easier to accommodate changing customer demands while enhancing your profitability.



End-to-end claims management

Enhance every phase of your claims process with a comprehensive system that boosts customer satisfaction, workflow efficiencies, and your bottom line.