Core Systems For A Boundaryless Future: The Digital Future, Insurance and Digital Ecosystems

The Digital Future of Insurance

How are global events, digital insurance ecosystems, and innovation redefining the insurance industry?

In this webinar recording, insurance industry leaders discuss those trends and what they mean for insurance product development and distribution.

De-Risking Digital Decisions

A discussion on customer-centricity, insurtechs, systems of engagement, and how to remove the risk from systems integration projects

With insurtechs offering better customer service and tech companies driving into the insurance space, insurers need to become nimble and innovate quickly.

In this webinar recording, Munich Re, EPAM Systems, Wesurance, and EIS discuss how to remove the risk from integrating new systems, how to do it at speed, and how this will enhance customer engagement.

Bridging the Digital Gap for Brokers and Their Clients

A look at how insurers of the future are responding quickly and efficiently to brokers’ evolving needs

Insights on strategy, program governance, and the importance of scalable digital insurance platforms

In this webinar recording, EIS and Texas Life Insurance share how they eliminated a patchwork of legacy insurance systems to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of brokers and their clients to deliver seamless customer experiences.

Becoming the Insurer of the Future

Executives from EIS Group, Liberty Mutual, and Flock discuss digital insurance ecosystems, as well as the methodologies and architectures necessary to participate in them.

Disruptive times call for innovative measures. With the insurtech space bursting at the seams with investment and cutting-edge technologies, legacy systems are no longer fit for purpose, which means a treacherous landscape ahead for insurers.

COVID-19: Managing Digital Transformation Remotely at Scale

The global pandemic has made it clear that insurers need to accelerate major initiatives like core systems transformation to meet customer demands and the realities of social distancing.

In this webinar recording, insurance executives and their technology partners will discuss how they have realigned their priorities and established a culture to address the operational realities created by COVID-19. They also will share how they now plan to extend those lessons, skills, and tools across their organization.

Our goal is to provide attendees with actionable insights and recommendations so they, too, can align remote teams and accelerate large-scale initiatives despite these new challenges.

What Makes the Insurer of the Future? Your Ecosystem and Platform Strategy

Insurance is disrupted. Business models are changing beyond recognition as insurers rush to meet new customer needs and expectations.

But what is the new technology model that supports the insurer of the future who now needs to innovate and operate like a tech company: Fast. Simple. Agile.

In this webinar recording, find out why a digital ecosystem model allows insurers to adapt to the speed at which technology changes.

EIS and PwC provide the paths to success to become the insurer of the future. They will share the methodologies, architectures, and key milestones of the digital ecosystem of the future.