Technology to solve the future’s problems… before they get here

Benefits are getting complicated.

Back in the day, core and ancillary benefits were sold exclusively through brokers to employers, and there wasn’t even a concept of individual records to let you interface with or provide personalized communication to an end customer. 

But boy oh boy, things are changing. Fast. 😅

The right core technology makes everything go smoothly 

“We're not really so much an insurance company, but we're now looking to become a technology company that specializes in insurance.”

John Albanese

SVP and CIO, Reliance Standard

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Support growth and speed to market for new business processes, products, and distribution through scalable, agile technology

Keep your customers. If someone leaves an employer, easily port their record into an individual customer and retain happy, paying customers for all your products

Migrate data seamlessly from your legacy systems, with full data fluidity and without losing end-customer data

Support multiple lines of business and products on a single, cloud-native SaaS system

Make self-service and data retrieval easy for ALL users—from employers to employees, and distributors to end consumers—through an intuitive customer-centric digital experience built into our core platform

Simplify operations and enable automation on a single end-to-end platform

Seamlessly integrate the latest technologies into your core operations. 

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Coretech + Insurtech

Coretech gives you the foundation you need to overcome these (and future) challenges

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Adopting a SaaS solution is a win-win situation for you & your customers

Being Future 
(& Bullet) Proof

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Overcome tech limitations on enrollment & the customer experience

Expand Opportunity in Group Benefits

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See how Wellfleet is becoming a home for brokers—because of their technology.

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Increase efficiency and offer more products and services with a single tech vendor.

Save Money & Improve Service

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How is all this even possible?

Hi! 👋 I’m James, one of EIS’ in-house benefits experts. I’m available to talk through success strategies based on our experience helping other carriers transform and grow their business. 

  • Adapt to an ever-expanding distribution ecosystem that blows the limited broker-to-employer model out of the water 
  • Provide usable technology platforms so employers can more easily distribute and manage your products to their employees 

  • Come up with more coverage options so employers can take better care of and retain their workers

  • Plug into a greater benefits ecosystem with things like physical wellness, mental health services, telemedicine, paid family or medical leave, legal services, and so on

The benefits technology and platforms of yesteryear won’t cut it in this new era. Legacy technology has too many built-in constraints, and “modern” legacy solutions aren’t much better, because of the time it takes to spin up and hard-code workarounds.

We’ve proven our success in workforce benefits.
Time & time again.

Using EIS’ coretech lets you: 

Become the go-to benefits insurer for forward-thinking employers… your bottom line will thank you. 

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Today & into the future, benefits carriers are expected to: