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Ambitious insurers understand that to be customer centric means putting the customer and the customer’s experience at the forefront of all you do. They know that changing the way a customer interacts with them, whether buying insurance, or contacting about a claim, ultimately changes the customer experience. A better, more tailored customer interaction can lead to more loyalty, better conversations and the knowledge that they are part of a much larger story.

Steve O’Connor General Manager, CloudCore

Customers belong at the heart of your business

Traditionally Insurers have built products and aligned behind lines of business. But the new world demands a shift to placing the customer at the heart of your ecosystems and building products around them to connect the dots between their needs and your solutions to be more relevant in customers’ lives.

For over a decade, we’ve put users firmly at the heart of our ecosystem. We’ve achieved this by leveraging the same technologies, processes and practices as the most successful online companies operating today. With over 12,000 APIs, we can integrate new and current technologies, partners and standards at speed, while seamlessly scaling regardless of load.

Delivering an intuitive customer experience for internal and external users that is personalised, flexible and easily customisable by region and individual.


Embedded Insurance 2.0


Does more digital mean less human?

The pandemic ushered us into a digital-first, always-on world. Whilst many predicted this would last until we were on the other side of COVID, it looks to be going nowhere.


Can data win the race for sustainability?

Insurance isn’t alone in rising to the challenges of climate change. But in doing so, there are two key questions we must ask; 1) how can the insurance industry operate better? 2) what more can the industry offer to affect this? To help answer, we look at the role data has to play in sustainability.


Embedded insurance

The advent of native core systems means the insurance industry can better track, analyse and engage with its customer. Such data means we can now better personalise experiences and distribute products and services. It also means insurers can positively influence behaviour and mitigate risk. We call it Embedded Insurance 2.0 and the possibilities are radical.


Embedded insurance is one of the hottest topics in insurance today. It’s estimated to be a $3.5 Trillion market opportunity. Get inspired by the future of customer experience and understand the differences between embedded insurance, insurance ecosystems, and the emergence of embedded insurance 2.0.


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APIs: The Business User’s Key to Unlocking Customer Centricity

If the future of insurance is all about offering excellent customer experiences, let’s give the people who know them best the tools to test, learn, and deliver.

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