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Thrive amid unending changes in the market with speed, agility, and distinctive customer service.

Your world today…

Trends that have been reshaping the P&C (general) insurance landscape are ramping into high gear. Pricing pressures, the rise in direct distribution across personal and commercial markets, and soaring customer expectations are rewriting the rule books. Intelligent devices such as those used in self-driving cars, personal drones, and digitally connected homes and businesses are introducing complex, new liabilities—and opening new frontiers in coverage.

In this era of ceaseless change, P&C insurers face tremendous pressure to adapt more quickly—and more wisely—than ever.

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“Investing in modern core system technology to support commercial objectives has become a strategic imperative for P&C insurers.”

Matthew Josefowicz, President and CEO, Novarica

Excel in your world.

Core insurance solutions from EIS Group give you all the capabilities you need to flourish in a changing world. Our solutions empower your entire insurance business to give every customer, distributor, and partner your very best—your best products, your best service, your best information—today and far beyond.

Innovate freely in your world.

Rapid product manufacturing

With EIS Group, you can swiftly respond to fast-changing P&C market demands and differentiate your offerings as never before. Manufacture new products and launch innovative bundles that add compelling services to your portfolio—in record time. Our versatile, intuitive product tool sets put the power to innovate into the hands of your business users, where it belongs.

Engage your world.

Elevate customer and distributor service

EIS Group enables you to simplify what it takes to improve customer loyalty, retention, and cross-sell and upsell opportunities by using a total and integrated view of every customer. Enhance customer satisfaction with self-service options accessible on any device, including mobile. Engage with personal and commercial customers and distributors alike via any communication channel. And gain the flexibility to accommodate the changing needs of traditional P&C producers and new direct channels.

Streamline your world.

Optimize business operations

Slash operating expenses, accelerate cycles, and grow your bottom line by streamlining and automating processes across your entire P&C operations. Take advantage of a core insurance system that keeps policy administration, underwriting, claims, billing, as well as customer communications in sync without data reentry. Make the right decisions faster with comprehensive, real-time views and analysis of activities across every phase of your P&C business.

CSAA Insurance Group:
Delivering Simple, Proactive, Personal Customer Service

CSAA Insurance Group describes how replacing its legacy technology with EIS Group software has equipped it for the digital era and has enabled it to enhance business agility, decrease underwriting expenses, and increase customer retention.