EIS Group for Benefits

Reach new levels of business freedom. Seize new opportunities in voluntary, worksite, and group benefits markets.


Your world today…

The world of benefits insurance is almost unrecognizable from where it stood even ten years ago. The traditional technologies and business processes that saw you through decades of steady growth have now become serious liabilities. They weigh you down as you strive ever harder for market share in today’s hyper-competitive, always-on insurance landscape.

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“The next few years will be crucial to insurers seeking to keep/grow market share in the Employee Benefits business as they radically change product and distribution models and the underlying technology that supports those models.”

Celent, U.S. Group and Voluntary Employee Benefits, 2013

Take charge of your world with EIS Group.

With EIS Group, you can shed the technical burdens that keep success at bay. At last, you can seize opportunities in benefits markets based on what your business wants to achieve, not what your legacy systems will allow.

EIS Group gives you the power and versatility to build your benefits business on your terms. With EIS Group, your core systems will no longer constrain your benefits portfolio and service delivery. Instead, they’ll be a perpetual engine for market expansion, business transformation, and long-term customer contentment.

Expand your world.

One unified platform for voluntary, worksite, and group benefits

Want to move aggressively into voluntary markets? Want to shift more of your business from individual to group policies? Want to bring hybrid products to market in record time and support an array of plan choices to make you the clear winner in a crowded field? With EIS Group, you get the flexibility and agility to achieve what you can imagine.


See your world clearly.

360-degree customer view

Whether you want to grow your business among voluntary, worksite, or group accounts, the end customer these days is more in charge—and more demanding—than ever. Succeeding in today’s newly consumerized benefits markets requires a host of expectations that seasoned insurers have never had to meet before. With EIS Group, you can easily track individual customers, consolidate all of their plans on a single bill, and gain a 360-degree view of each policyholder—and a single version of the truth—throughout the lifecycle.


Connect your world.

Omnichannel engagement and distribution

With EIS Group, you can extend your competitive advantage by connecting with your benefits customers their way. Deliver seamless, consistent experiences any time using whatever methods your customers prefer—voice, email, text, chat, or web. EIS Group also gives you the technical freedom to easily enroll and distribute via any channel, including new insurance exchanges and online and mobile alternatives.


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Essentials for Gaining Small Case Market Share

Are you considering a down market move?  How big is the small business market opportunity? How will you adapt your products, underwriting, and distribution? Find answers and learn why new technology is key to your market success.

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Capitalize on the $35 Billion Benefits Market

In this eBook, we explore strategies for moving to an open, modern technology environment that breaks through traditional barriers to connectivity—and positions you to capitalize on the opportunities of today’s consumer-driven insurance marketplace.

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