Ditching your legacy system doesn’t have to feel like a root canal 

Your procrastination 
has paid off. Yes, really!

While you’ve been sticking to your legacy system, the competition have rolled out modern legacy, and more recently, coretech.

So what does that mean for you? 

Instead of upgrading to an already-outdated modern legacy system, you can take the fast lane to a digital, coretech 
system now.

Why upgrade to good when you can upgrade to GREAT?

Innovation best practices & going digital

“Growth often presents opportunities to find more efficient and effective ways to operate. The EIS solution allowed us to create an ecosystem unifying our core and digital operations across multiple lines of business. At the same time, it provides a digital platform to help us deliver outstanding insurance experiences for our brokers, employer groups and members today and into the future.”

Robert P. Mulligan

Former President and Chief Executive Officer, Renaissance.com

Are you ready for the future of dental insurance?

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World-leading technology and systems integration partners, so every piece of your system is best-in-class

Truly future-proof technology that won’t make your operations obsolete in 5-10 years

Seamless integrations with any old & new technologies you bring on board

To dental & beyond: Technology for the ambitious insurer 🚀

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We’ve reached the end of “modern legacy” insurance platforms. Here’s what you need to know.

Choosing Future-Proof Technology

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You’re facing many competitive threats in the dental space. We’re here to help you keep up. 

Be the Dental Plan of the Future with EIS

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Here’s how coretech helps you achieve member centricity by leveraging the best of the insurtech world.

Insurtech + Coretech = Win

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Sustainability in today’s dental and ancillary benefits market requires greater connectivity along the value chain — enter new tech.

Overcoming Technology Limitations & Taking on the Competition

When Guardian began offering benefits to freelancers and retirees, they launched 5 new products (including dental) in record time.

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Guardian Success Story


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Hi! 👋 I’m Mandy and I’m here to make your digital transformation a breeze. I can talk through strategies for your success based on other dental carriers who’ve won with EIS.

  • Leapfrog the competition by launching new and innovative products, with speed as your competitive edge

  • Operate with a competitively priced system that supports innovation and automation

  • Meet customers where they are and give them an omnichannel experience, all with our 360-degree view for dental administrators

  • Keep pace with the ever-changing market by launching new products in a matter of weeks

  • Diversify your healthcare portfolio with a new 
    dental offering

  • Provide the simple, tech-savvy solution your 
    members demand

  • Develop and configure new and existing products — no IT intervention needed

  • Break free of your legacy system’s limitations and, instead, digitally transform your business with EIS coretech, which takes months — not years — to implement

We’ve proven our success in workforce benefits.
Time & time again.

Partnering with EIS gives you:

The dental industry is converging with health plans, and to survive, you’ll either need to secure new clients before your competition does, or become an attractive partner for health plan acquisition.

EIS makes digital transformations smoother than toothpaste. 🪥 With us, you can:

Read on for more compelling insights about why the time is now for a digital transformation — and why you can count on EIS to get you there painlessly.

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