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At Voonyx, our solutions become standard.

IT and businesses need to speak the same language in order to properly communicate and work in unison. Voonyx acts as an interface that enables this relationship by designing innovative software packages, specific architectures and customized development.

We offer our clients only the best software engineering experts. Our specialists not only excel in architecture, development and integration with Java; they also master all the main insurance solutions in the marketplace. The Voonyx approach is simple, efficient and comprehensive, ranging from management to implementation. We support our customers every step of the way to ensure their projects’ overall success.

Working with EIS

Voonyx started working with EIS in 2012 on a major P&C implementation of a core insurance suite.

With the EIS, Voonyx designs solutions as well as customizes, integrates, tests, upgrades and deploys the platform based on the best industry practices.

In collaboration with EIS, the Voonyx team provides strong added value to business transformation projects by developing strategies aligned with customer objectives and technological trends.

Voonyx and EIS bring together a seasoned team of Java experts who are focused on delivering results:

  • Provide a highly skilled and experienced team of experts to the core insurance suite that will ensure process success
  • Design high-quality solutions, adapted to customer needs, by combining EIS platform best practices and IT trends
  • Quickly and efficiently support the existing development team by solving complex day-to-day challenges
  • Recommend effective project management strategies to optimize quality and productivity
  • Review architecture, software code and deliverables to maximize quality and performance

Voonyx is an exceptional team of Java experts that specializes in the EIS platform, provides high-quality services, and generates timely, impactful results.

“The insurance marketplace evolves at a rapid-fire pace. Implementing solution suites can be complex, long and expensive. In order to accelerate change, ensure compliance, mitigate risks and better compete, insurers should rely on Voonyx and the EIS to address their business transformation needs.” Martin Froment, Business Development Director, Voonyx