News Articles

  • EIS Group Inks Reseller Agreement with Comtec

    Israel-based Comtec will resell EIS Group’s core and digital insurance platform in the Eastern Mediterranean region ready for digital insurance transformation. EIS Group’s Alec Miloslavsky and Glenn Lim explain the value of the reseller model within regional markets and as a growth strategy.

  • The rise of the insurance chatbot

    So ascendant is the humble chatbot that some pundits are describing 2018 as the year of AI and voice technology. Will that also be true for insurance? EIS Group’s Fazi Zand writes about how insurers, customers, and agents are embracing AI and chatbots, what is coming next, and what is holding back AI in insurance.

  • Customer expectations have big implications for insurers

    The digitization of the everyday has lifted customer expectations and created specific digital strategy and technology implications for insurers, explains EIS Group’s CTO Mike Dwyer.  Organizational change and the use of new technology—such as a cloud-based digital experience platform—is needed to respond to the demands of today’s digital world today and those of an increasingly connected world.

  • Perfect customer experience with persona-based engagement

    Personas allow insurers to do something personal and differentiating for those coming across their interactions channels. EIS Group’s Fazi Zand describes why personas are the next step in personalization, how they work, and what technology is needed to support persona-based engagement.

  • Reinventing Consumer Expectations

    EIS Group’s Fazi Zand explains why improving customer experience is a top benefit of AI for insurers. As AI takes a central role in consumers’ lives, insurers are seeing opportunities to provide differentiating and personalized customer experiences while also lowering the cost of customer operations. Conversational interfaces and customer interactions curated by AI and machine learning are key.

  • The Modern Insurer

    Insurers are leveraging new technologies to gain insights from their data and transform their business for the digital age. EIS Group has leveraged Microsoft Azure’s language understanding (LUIS) and Bot Framework services to embed AI in web and mobile. These include a virtual assistant chatbot to converse with and assist customers and a chatbot that supports agent engagement and productivity.

  • How Mass Personalization Will Open the Small Business Benefits Market

    Looked at through a marketing lens, your personal truth is that you are a demographic of one.  And anyone who can grasp that and understands your needs and preferences will score some serious points and wallet share.  This type of mass personalization could be key to successful benefits insurance small case marketing on Main Street, explains EIS Group’s Anthony Grosso in this ITA Pro article.

  • Tower seeks to leave rivals in the dust with tailored digital insurance model

    Chief executive Richard Harding says New Zealand-based Tower Insurance is transforming into a “digital challenger” offering customers more tailored products that draw on deeper pools of information. Explains that Tower has hired EIS Group to scope out and cost the process of integrating four systems into one core infrastructure as part of a wider program to simplify the business.

  • Insurer exploration of artificial intelligence accelerating: InsurTechTO speaker

    It is still “early days” for most insurers in Canada when it comes to employing artificial intelligence (AI), but exploration and use of the techniques are accelerating.  Philippe Lafreniere, SVP, EIS Group explains how AI is one of the key mechanisms to help insurers improve inefficiencies and get better business insights while speaking on a panel at InsurTechTO.

  • The software revolution laps the insurance shore

    Nobody wants to be caught holding stone chisels in a digital world. Keven Lincoln from EIS Group explains how insurers can respond to market disruption and quicken the pace of innovation by leveraging new practices in DevOps, cloud operations and the microservices model for application development.

  • Customer expectations: 4 digital technology implications for insurers

    The No. 1 strategic investment across the insurance industry has been in improving customer engagement.  In this article, Kevin Haydon from EIS Group asks why so much emphasis? And what are the 4 key implications of customer expectations for insurers’ digital strategy and technology choices?

  • 9 reasons today’s insurance businesses need text messaging

    Today’s tech-savvy, forward-thinking insurance businesses are incorporating texting (along with app-based messaging) into their prospecting and customer relationship management plans. Fazi Zand, SVP of products at EIS Group, contributes to this article an understanding of the role of text, digital apps and chatbots within insurance customer communications.

  • How Guardian Life plans to go direct to consumer

    The Guardian Life Insurance Co. of America announced that it had selected the full core systems suite from EIS Group to support a ramp-up in the life insurer’s direct-to-consumer business. Most of Guardian’s current life insurance customers come through workplace benefits, but changes in the workforce are leading the company to invest more in one-to-one marketing of its products. Peggy Maher, SVP of direct to consumer for Guardian, explains why a new technology backbone was needed to support this expansion in a brief Q&A with Digital Insurance.

  • EIS Group’s CoreVelocity Delivery Approach Designed to Accelerate Core Implementation

    The new approach, already used successfully by clients such as Liberty Mutual and CSAA, combines implementation methods, tools, and accelerators via a cloud-based managed service as a unified delivery approach.

  • EIS Uses Microsoft Bot Framework to Deliver AI to Insurers

    Today, EIS Group announced that the EIS® Digital Experience Platform™ (DXP™) has integrated with and is using Microsoft Bot Framework to deliver intelligent assistant and other artificial intelligence (AI) services to insurers that augment the skills of customer service agents and enhance direct to consumer interactions to improve the quality, speed and cost-effectiveness of customer engagement.