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EIS Suite and IBM PureSystems

EIS Group and IBM have teamed to deliver to clients an integrated application and infrastructure solution that not only delivers business efficiency but also supports profitable growth. Insurance products can be brought to market quickly and be distributed easily via multiple channels. Now, Insurers can focus on the quality of the business feeding the top line while closely managing underlying expense without compromising service.

EIS Group offers a completely modern, modular suite of end-to-end core solutions within EIS Suite that provide the speed to market and measurable value insurers need to realize the transformational strategies critical to success in today’s insurance market. EIS Suite solutions handle all the core operations of personal and commercial lines insurers and positively impact all key elements of their combined ratios. PolicyCore™, ClaimCore™, BillingCore™, and CustomerCore™ have been designed to embody the best practices of the industry, breaking down the internal silos, redundant applications, and manual, inefficient processes characteristic of the legacy systems they replace.

IBM PureSystems combine the flexibility of a general purpose system, elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an appliance tuned to a workload -- fundamentally changing the experience and economics of IT. EIS Suite is enabled on both IBM PureFlex™ System and IBM PureApplication™ System.  The IBM PureFlex™ System combines compute, storage, networking, virtualization and management into a single infrastructure system that is expert at sensing and anticipating resource needs to optimize your infrastructure. The IBM PureApplication™ System is specifically designed and tuned for transactional web and database applications. Solutions enabled on the PureApplication System are packaged into patterns of expertise built for a cloud environment and easy deployment.

New solutions and vendors have emerged to address the changing needs of insurance technologists and business executives. Industry experts have identified EIS Group as a leader among this new breed of vendors, noteworthy for its inventive approach and solutions that address new models for insurance IT operations; for its technology innovations that drive insurer profitability; and for its ability to deliver timely, actionable, business performance intelligence.

IBM recently announced a new class of systems – expert integrated systems with Built-in expertise, Integration by design and Simplified experience. Expert integrated systems are the building blocks of capability—building blocks that represent the collective knowledge of thousands of deployments, established best practices, innovative thinking and IT industry leadership.  IBM PureSystems offerings are the first solutions in this new class of systems.

Together, EIS Group enabled on IBM PureApplication and PureFlex deliver improved time-to-value, end-to-end core systems functionality, accelerated product development while measuring and improving business results. With EIS Group for IBM PureSystems, you will be able to focus on driving innovation for your business, instead of devising, testing and tuning custom integration solutions.

EIS Suite Application Pattern for IBM PureApplication System and IBM PureFlex System will soon be available for download. Please email for more details.

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EIS Suite and IBM

IBM puesystems

EIS Suite component software solutions  have been validated with the IBM Insurance Industry Framework and are certified as Ready for IBM PureSystems.

The EIS Suite Pattern has been successfully tested on the IBM PureSystem Service for Softlayer.

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>IBM PureFlex Systems
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